6 Signs An HVAC Duct Requires Repair

Ducts are vital components of indoor ventilation that allow sufficient airflow and regulate indoor temperatures. However, problems with the HVAC system may sometimes affect the efficiency of ducts. A regular repair and maintenance are thus essential to ensure proper air circulation within the home.

But how can homeowners determine when the duct requires repair? Luckily, air ducts always show signs of an underlying fault, and the trick is to understand potential signs of a malfunction.

Below are seven telltale signs for homeowners that the duct may be due for repair or replacement.

Old Age

Like the air conditioning units, ducts have a shelf life ranging between 10-15 years. After long-term use, the seals, joints, and seams may begin to wear out, calling for a repair. A damaged duct means an inefficient airflow and eventually high energy use for indoor cooling. The best approach is to call Houston, Texas duct repair for inspection and replacement.

Uneven Cooling and Heating Patterns

Sometimes, homeowners may notice a huge fluctuation in indoor temperatures, which signifies uneven heating and cooling. For instance, the indoor temperature may be too high in the kitchen area and relatively lower in the living room.

The most probable cause is a leaking duct, which may not deliver efficient airflow across the rooms. Moreover, the duct could be blocked by debris from outside. A licensed technician can inspect the duct and help identify if it requires repair.

Molds and Foul Smell

When cool air passes through the ducts, condensation may occur, forming a favorable condition for the growth of molds. Over time, molds accumulate inside the duct and affect airflow. As a result, mold spores circulate and contaminate the indoor air when the HVAC system is on. 

Breathing in contaminated air could cause allergic reactions and respiratory complications within the home. A foul smell when the cooling system operates means the duct has mold build-up and requires inspection or replacement.

Noise When Operating

Sometimes loud bangs or whistles may come from the duct when air flows through the system. The noise may result from uneven airflow or excessive air pressure on the system. A noisy duct indicates a potential problem with the system and requires Huston, Texas duct repair.

Visible Damages

Ductwork may sometimes have visible signs of possible damage, including punctures, broken joints, or dents. These damages can impact airflow and reduce the efficiency of the duct’s performance. Therefore, an obvious sign of damage to the ductwork should be a good reason to call an HVAC technician for repair.

Improper Installation

Improper installation is among the biggest factors impacting the efficient performance of air ducts. A wrongly installed ductwork won’t achieve optimum airflow even with a new air conditioning unit.

For instance, air and heat can escape through the open joints if the duct lacks insulation. Similarly, air escapes before reaching the house if the registers on duct connections are not properly sealed. Having gaps between duct connections may also allow entry of debris, which may block the duct.

The best approach is to hire a qualified technician to inspect the system and install it correctly to achieve the required amount of room indoor airflow. 

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