How to Tell Which Windows Are Right For You

Windows are a huge part of the look and feel of your home and can tie together the style of your home. When choosing new windows, you want to compliment the aesthetics of your home and your personal style.

Aside from appearance, different custom windows also offer different kinds and levels of functionality. Windows can often be mixed and matched to achieve the look you desire for your home while gaining the function you’ll want.

Picture Windows

A trendy window style, picture windows do precisely that, provide a portrait-like view. If you have a spectacular view, picture windows are an excellent way to enjoy it unhindered. 

These windows are also a great way to allow a lot of natural light into your home and can be placed in hard-to-reach places to let in more light. As they are fixed windows, they are often combined with other functional windows to get the best of both worlds. 

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are a set of three horizontal windows that protrude from the exterior of your home at a 45-degree angle, with the centre window aligning parallel to the wall. The side windows open to an outward tilt using a crank handle, with the centre windows inoperable.

Bow windows are very similar to bay but generally consist of four or five horizontal windows to achieve a more oval shape. The two exterior windows usually open outward.

Both bay and bow windows create extra interior space, often used to create a nook or display candles or plants. These windows are also a fantastic choice for maximizing natural light.

Double or Single Hung

Hung windows remain popular among homeowners, offering a traditional style. Both have two sashes, and with double hung windows, both sashes open. The lower sash is raised, while the upper sash lowers.

On the other hand, with single hung windows, only the bottom sash opens while the upper sash remains fixed. 

Casement Windows

A modern choice, casement windows consist of one vertical window that opens outward to a 45-degree angle for more ventilation. Casement windows open with a crank handle, which you can turn until you’ve reached the desired openness.

Slider Windows

Sliding windows are made up of two or three vertical sashes. The sash that opens slides from side to side, rather than moving up or down. The right sash opens leftward internally in front of the stationary left sash in sets with two sashes. The two end sashes may open in front of the stationary center sash in sets with three sashes.

Awning Windows

An awning consists of a horizontal window that opens outward along the bottom. The awning is hinged along the top frame. Awnings are often above vertical windows for added ventilation.

These are some popular choices of window styles, each with its own aesthetic appeal and level of function. Understanding the different types is the first step to choosing which kind is best for you and your home.

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