Revamp Project: How to Better Decorate the Living Room

One of the most frequently trafficked areas in your home is the living room. That is why it needs to stand out from the rest of the rooms. Interior decorating can seem like an uphill task for many people. Unless you have a professional designer who will guide you to the ins and outs of buying home décor and furniture, you might end up making some mistakes.

You would not want to purchase home décor items that don’t complement your living room or home. Besides, you can consider Home renovation management Auckland. Luckily, in this guide, we will talk about some of the tips you can use to decorate an impressive living room without having to break a bank.


The first thing any living room needs to look sophisticated is comfortable couches. Fortunately, the options are endless. Hence, you can find seats for any living room, whether big or small. Once you determine the amount of available space in your living room, you will need to decide whether you want separate seating or sectional seating seats. 

Also, you can choose whether you want stationary or recliner sofas. When you have the right furniture in your home, you will be in a position to achieve the right balanced design. You can get sofas in different colors such as black, brown, grey, cream and ones which will match with the color theme of your home. Some of the types of sofas from Furco you can get for your living room include fabric sofas, recliner sofas, sofa beds and leather sofas.

2.Choose cool colors

The colors you use in your living room will set the tone of how your visitors feel in the space. Colors have the power to energize or cool the place depending on how cool, warm or intense they are. Some of the hues that you can use in your living lounge to make the space feel warm, cool and collected are blue and white colors.

3.Hang your curtains up high

Your home might not have high-end ceilings or expansive windows like some of the luxurious homes in the market. However, you might use a trick or two to make your home look sophisticated. You can use some trickery by hanging your curtains high up in the ceiling. This will make the living area appear wider and taller than it is.

4.Use different textures

One way of making your living space look dull and boring is by using the same textures. Instead, try to mix a variety of interior accessories like throw pillows, drapes, and upholstery to give your living room a more impressive look. To get a more dimensional look you can use throw pillows of different sizes.


5.Use a patterned rug

Using a patterned rug in your home is a powerful design tool. Patterned rugs make a living room look livelier and also it hides wear or stains. The first time you take it to the cleaners after your baby makes a huge mess on it is when you will be glad you put it there.

6.Have a focal point

Every room in your house should have a focal point. A focal point is the main area of attention in any room. Your lounge area is one of those places which should not go without a focal point. You can have a fireplace to play as the main focal point in your sitting area. 

A fireplace symbolizes hearth and home. However, in most homes, the television is the main center of attention. You can also invest in a beautiful piece of art to serve as a room’s focal point.

7.Accessorize with display art

Walls in your living room will only come to life once you start using wall arts or collections that you love. You can group collections that you love and hang them close to relate to some of the furnishings and architecture. The most common mistake people make is hangings display arts too high.

8.Display fresh flowers

You don’t need to hire a florist to give your home that warm feeling. You can buy a $10 bouquet from the floral store. Flowers will give your home a welcoming vibe, and a warm, sophisticated feeling.

A beautiful and welcoming sitting area is what you need after a long day’s work. Incorporate the above tips in your home, and you will have an impressive living room in no time.

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