How Much Does It Cost To Install A Privacy Fence?

If you love spending time in your yard and have nosy neighbors, you might think of installing a fence. With respect to fencing solutions, privacy fences are solid, tall fences that help in making your yard highly secure as well as friendly for pets & children while creating a sense of privacy and solitude. It is because the neighbors are not able to peek into your yard. Privacy fences are available in a wide range of materials -from faux stone to metal to wood. This implies that they will offer your yard diverse appearances.

How to Calculate Fence Installation Cost?

When you install a fence to your backyard, it implies that you are provided the freedom to fire up your grill or beautify your garden without any interference from intruding neighbors. In addition to this, a privacy fence can help in serving as the perfect solution if your home has the absence of curb appeal or character throughout.

There are several ways to calculate the cost of installing a privacy fence. You need to consider multiple factors -right from height, width, material, and so more. Some of the factors that help in determining the cost of installing a privacy fence are:

Measure Area

Most professional fence installers will offer you an estimate of the cost of the project depending on the linear feet of fencing required by your yard. This implies that the total area serves to be one of the leading determining factors affecting the price of fence installation. Different materials, styles, and fence heights might make the price point to vary. Still, you can expect the price to be around $25 per linear foot for the installation of a privacy fence.

According to the size or area of the fence, the cheapest privacy fences will cost around $14 per linear foot. At the same time, the most expensive variants tend to be around $36 per linear foot. An average backyard of an area of 2,000 square feet will cost around $3,375 for privacy fence installation.

Decide The Height

The cost of any fence you would go ahead with installation will increase or decrease depending on the height. For privacy fences, the two basic heights are either 6 feet or 8 feet. The HOA or your city might have specific limitations on the height of the fence you are allowed to have. You can get the information on the homeowner association website. For the linear privacy fence of 150 feet, you can expect paying:

6-foot height: $4,700

8-foot height: $6,300

Fence Style

A fence can be made out of different materials -including aluminum, vinyl, and wood. A privacy fence will usually range between $13 and $23 per linear foot -including installation and materials. For instance, a picket fence is a famous style that usually makes use of vinyl & wood while ranging in price between $15 and $35 per linear foot.

On the other hand, a shadowbox fence is another style of privacy fence alternating between spaced and solid boards to create a shadow effect. The specific style usually utilizes wood while costing around $22 to $40 per linear foot.

Select Material

Material costs can range between $1 and $70 per linear foot. The most common materials range between the cost of $5 and $23 per linear foot. The type of fencing material you choose will significantly impact the total fence installation costs. Usually, for privacy fencing, you will utilize either vinyl or wood.

A wooden fence can cost around $15 to $33 per linear foot. On the other hand, a vinyl fence will cost around $13 and $37 per linear foot.

Add the Cost of The Gate or Additional Hardware

Most typical gates will increase the overall cost of the fence by around $150 to $550. It would ultimately depend on the type and size of the gate you select. Gates for privacy fences can be made out of different materials -including aluminum, steel, vinyl, and steel. You should also consider the costs of installing additional hardware.

Add Permit Cost

Typically, you are expected to obtain a permit from the local municipality before the installation of the privacy fence. The permit cost will vary based on the size and type of fence you are installing according to the regulations of the area. You can expect the cost of around $3 and $200 for a fence permit.

How to Save Money on Fence Installation?

Depending on the available requirements and factors, the cost of installing a fence can get expensive in the process. Some essential tips to save money on fence installation are:

Choose Less Expensive Material

To save money on the overall material expenses, you can start sourcing your materials. When you are able to find your own materials, you will be less subject to the overall cost estimates. If you have to choose the most cost-effective materials, you can consider leading options like wire, bamboo, wood picket, vinyl, and so more.

MaterialCost per linear foot
Wire$1 to $7*
Bamboo$6 to $12*
Wood$17 to $22*
Vinyl$15 to $30*
Aluminum$30 to $50*

Hire the Most Reputable Fence Company

When you hire privacy fence installation services from industry experts, the project will be completed quickly. This will help you in saving money in the long run.

Acquire All Permits in Advance

You should ask for all possible estimates beforehand. This includes understanding common permits and their costs overall.

Do Not Choose Peak Season for Installation

As you choose an out-of-season time to ensure privacy fence installation, it will help you bargain effectively.


With the right tips, you can achieve a successful installation of the best privacy fence in your backyard. If you wish to save significantly on fence installation, you can reach out to us at BC Fence Austin. Our fence installation practices will help you save money effectively as we install fences that will last for a longer span of time.

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