Noteworthy Home Living Trends in 2021

Along with family and health, our homes are one of the most fundamental components of our lives. With that in mind, let us explore four noteworthy home living trends this year. 

Back to Basics

The idea of home living is an ever-evolving concept of space, functionality, and looks. Throughout history, we’ve seen how houses have evolved from simple living spaces to multipurpose facilities outfitted to meet the needs of a person living in modern society. Whether you are single or married, with children or without, your home is an extension of your personality and daily habits. As such, it must be an environment defined by convenience and comfort. 

Still, as we approach the latter half of 2021, customary practices are once again coming to the forefront, and people are going back to their roots. For instance, many houses of today have traditional kitchens, living rooms, and rest areas. Furthermore, dining room accessories and furniture stores are bringing this once forgotten area back in style. With all kinds of tables, chairs, hutches, and sideboards, today’s homes are a reflection of what contemporary family life in America was meant to represent.

A Touch of the Exotic

A second interesting trend we are seeing this year is the inclusion of multi-cultural snippets into conventional daily living. With globalization in full swing, people can now travel to different places across the globe at an affordable price. Some of the most popular destinations include Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and the Far East nation of Japan. As a result, they can experience different languages, lifestyles, and cultures and bring back small reminders of their experiences overseas. 

If you walk into the home of a family in Chicago, New York, Miami, or Los Angeles, it is no longer surprising to see paintings by local Indonesian artists, an ancient Japanese samurai mask, or a hunting spear used by a Namibian tribe.

A home is a gathering across the time of memories, knowledge, and adventure. Thus, what better place to showcase the many travels you have been on and the cultural wisdom you have acquired? 

Versatile Living Spaces

One of the many consequences of the covid-19 global pandemic is the growing need for isolation. Even if several pharmaceutical companies have started the mass roll-out of vaccines, there is no better way to prevent the spread of the virus than by staying within the confines of your own home.

Nevertheless, life must go on, and people cannot afford to sleep, take showers once in a while, watch television, and eat. Rather, they have to continue working, staying in shape, pursuing their hobbies, and doing the many other things that constitute what living life is all about.

This reality has lead to the transformation of houses and apartments into all-around living spaces where you can do everything you need. For example, home gyms are becoming more functional, much smaller, and more convenient. Adding to that, there is a long list of work-from-home arrangements based on the nature of your job and its specific needs.

The overall notion is one of practicality. If you have to stay in your house for extended periods, you might as well have the tools this entails.

A Sound Mental State

Our final trend is related to having the necessary aids to deal with the pandemic, namely as it pertains to your mental state. As studies show, there is nothing good with being on your own in a small space for hours on end. Aside from a decline in cognitive function, being isolated can also lead to depression, anxiety, loneliness, pulmonary issues, and even a higher risk for a heart attack.

Yet, what is there for one to do? If you cannot go out and maintain some contact with others, how can your mind cope? In all honesty, there are few answers to these questions, and few of them are all-inclusive. However, there are solutions to look into, one of them being technology.

With a wide variety of presentation and video-conferencing platforms, people can stay at home but still hold important events online. They can have Zoom parties or engage in multi-player video games that allow them to see others, listen to what they have to say, and feel less alone.

A quarter into the 21st century, there are four important home living trends taking shape. The first is a return to basics regarding room and furniture arrangements. The second is incorporating different cultures into house decor. A third one is the advent of versatile living spaces. Finally, it’s about finding solutions to keep our minds busy and connected.

With the end of the virus nowhere in sight, many expect them to remain relevant for the time to come.  

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