How Much Does It Cost to Install a Motorized Gate?

If you are a home or business owner, a motor gate is a great addition, making your life easier and your property more secure.

A motor gate also increases privacy and prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the driveway or accessing your property while reducing the risks of unwanted soliciting, damages, or theft.

How It Works

There are different kinds of gates you can use to update an electric or automatic gate. However, the same working principle applies to motor gates, whether used for sliding or swing gates. The motors might be set into excavations or above the ground.

Electric or automatic gate mechanisms work when it gets a signal from a remote control, keypad, or sensor. The automation system of the gate either swings with the gate inwards or slides outwards until it opens as far as it can reach.

Set time for a specific amount of time before your gate automatically closes. When discussing this with an installer, carefully consider how long it will take you to drive your vehicle through that gate. This way, you will be certain that you will have enough time.

Types of Motor Gates with Their Costs

The cost of installing a motorized gate depends on several factors, like installation, materials, type, and size. This allows you to find a perfect gate that suits your needs. Here are common types of motor gates:

  • Swing gates – They use a single gate piece and open the way standard bedroom doors do. In general, swing gages are the least costly type of automatic driveway gate because of the simple opening principle compared to other gates. Installing a swing gate will cost you up to $75 per hour.
  • Lift gates – Although these gates are common on warehouse or commercial properties, residents who want automatic driveway gates but lack space may choose this option. The buying and installation will range between $500 and $4k, but it may exceed $12k.
  • Sliding gates – These are among the most popular options as they look more substantial and offer privacy based on the materials they are made of—the total cost range from $500 to $3k.

The General Installation Cost

Sometimes gate repair services may no longer be an option, and the only thing to do is to install a brand-new motorized gate. The cost of installing motor gates vs. traditional gates varies greatly based on your site’s size and current configuration. The installation process may take three to five hours for many motor gates.

The hourly rate of an installer often costs between $30 and $75, and they might need more hardware to handle the job.

Installation costs can also go up if there are some complications. When an installer has to add bollards, posts, or concrete, the installation price may increase. Such an addition also means more hourly expenses.

Final Touches

The average installation cost for motor gates, including the buying cost, is between $800 and $3,300. This cost variation depends on the features, size, and materials you prefer your motor gate to have. And luxury gate designs and extra security features, like intercoms, detection sensors, and cameras, may have thousands to the total costs, which could be around $12k.

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