Easy Ways to Improve Air Circulation in Your Home

Proper circulation of air is essential to any home. Good air circulation prevents mold and removes impurities while also regulating temperature and making indoor air safer to breathe. On the other hand, inferior air circulation can put your health in jeopardy.

If the air in your home feels stagnant or you just want to make sure everything is okay, then look for easy ways to improve air circulation in your home:

Open Things Up

Opening up your doors and windows is the quickest and easiest way to enhance the circulation of your indoor air. Opening windows in two different rooms can result in a cross flow that helps the air circulation of your entire home. Just be sure to check the weather outside first.

Run Fans

Window and ceiling fans move the air around in your home, and they do it a lot. When weather is warm or hot but humidity is low, ceiling fans actually cool down the rooms they are in more efficiently than air conditioning. You can use them in occupied rooms to make your AC work a little less hard, which also saves you money on your electric bill.

Install Fans

Exhaust fans are great things to have installed if you don’t already have them. Bathrooms and kitchens are ideal locations for them. Exhaust fans work differently than ceiling fans because they blow draw air in rather than blow air out. The point of this is to draw moisture out of your home’s air and send it outside. This not only combats humidity but also removes many airborne contaminants.

Run Ceiling Fans in Winter Reverse

Running ceiling fans in the opposite direction in the winter will draw warmer air hovering around the ceiling down back to where you are at, sending the cooler air upward. You’ll stay warmer, cutting down on your heating bill, and the air won’t get as stagnant. This often happens if a heating system doesn’t run as much as AC does in the summer.

Use Your Attic Vent

If your home has one, make sure that it’s functioning properly. No attic ventilation can trap stagnant air. This eventually impacts the entire house.

Replace the Air Filters

These should be replaced on a regular basis for the sake of your HVAC system. If they get clogged, they not only make it harder to breathe in your home, your utility bills could go up because your heating and air conditioning is working harder to push air through the system. In fact, entire duct cleaning might be necessary from time to time, too.

Get Some House Plants

House plants add a live element to your decor, and they also purify your home’s air. They’re the lungs of the planet out in the wild, so having a few indoors can do wonders for the quality of your interior air. Live plants also absorb toxins, including formaldehyde and benzene. Evergreen plants are great for their minimal maintenance needs.

Why It Matters

Improving the air circulation in your home matters because indoor air pollution can be several times more concentrated than outdoors. That’s in large part because the air doesn’t really have anywhere to go, and it’s also in a space where you are directly exposed to it for some of your day and all of your sleep. Always go with the best HEPA air purifier for wildfire smoke, since if it can clean out that nasty, smokey air then it can get the rest of it too.

If these easy ways to improve air circulation in your home don’t feel like enough, or you have trouble with one or more of them, then consult an HVAC contractor in your community about professional solutions.

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