5 Reasons a Burglar would Target Your Home

Coming back to your home to find it’s been burgled is extremely upsetting. Not just because of the property you may have lost but also because of the horrible feeling that a stranger has been in your home and going through your belongings. Many people think that being burgled is just bad luck and think that all they need to do is upgrade their security to stop it from happening again. As a result, they may call in a locksmith in Darlington or wherever in the UK you are situated to upgrade your locks, get a burglar alarm or install CCTV. However, there could be more to a burglars choice of a target than people may think. 

To understand why burglars target certain properties you sometimes have to think like one. What would make their job easier? Are there visible clues to the valuable contents stored within there, it is easy to get into your property without being seen. So, to help out we have put together a list of things that burglars tend to look for. By being aware of the things that make houses an easy target maybe you can avoid a nasty shock. 

Open Invitations 

This may sound obvious but things like open windows especially on the ground floor is like sending out invitations to opportunist thieves. You may think leaving a window ajar is ok but to any committed criminal this is meat and drink. Things like a flat roof, adjacent tree or a ladder left out in the garden can be used to gain entry to higher access points. This is why it is imperative you lock up your property securely before leaving home and make sure all windows are closed, and ladders and other garden tools are safely locked away or hidden from sight. 

Eliminate Hiding Places

Most Burglars with the exception of the most audacious ones prefer not to be seen by conscientious neighbours. This means that things like overgrown bushes and foliage in your garden or driveway can offer the perfect hiding place for would-be thieves. Always try and ensure hedges are kept neat and tidy and if your budget allows installing a motion sensor security light to stop intruders hiding in the shadows. 

Make Your Home Look Lived in at All Times

It is advisable to make your home look occupied at all times. Thieves will often monitor properties to find out the times of day or night they are empty. Things like putting lights on timers, getting a friend or neighbour to draw your curtains or park a car on your drive when you are away is a good way of making your home look lived in. Always remember to cancel any deliveries for any period you are away from home. 

Visible Deterrents 

Visible deterrents such as burglar alarms, CCTV and quality window and door locks will put off the majority of opportunist thieves. Most burglars that see good quality security measures will bypass your property and look for easier pickings. An added bonus of enhanced security is that it could help reduce your home insurance premiums. 

Keep your Home’s Contents Secret

Try not to leave clues to the type of valuable items you may have in your home. For example, if you buy an expensive new item such as the latest TV or maybe an iPad or mobile phone don’t leave the packaging around where people can see it. Also do not leave valuable items or cash in full view of windows and doors. 

While this list is not exhaustive these are just some tips that may help you keep your home more secure and less at risk from thieves.

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