5 Bedroom Window Ideas That Will Add Style to your space

Dressing your windows in the right way can make a real difference to the look and feel of a bedroom.  Bedroom window coverings play a really important part in your bedroom space. First and foremost,  they need to provide us with a dark and private space that allows us to sleep peacefully, but we also  require them to look chic, and complement the decor in the room. Fortunately, there are numerous  options available out there that are not only functional but extremely stylish.  

There are numerous options to suit all different tastes when it comes to dressing bedroom windows.  There is everything from the classic look of curtains or drapes, right through to modern blind options  or shutters. With so much choice it can often be difficult to decide which option is the best one for  your bedroom space. To try and help, we have picked out five options to help you dress your  bedroom window in a way that will make your room a stylish, chic and practical space.  

White Bedroom Shutters Can Provide a Classic Look  

If you want your bedroom to be a clean crisp space how about adorning your windows with pristine  white shutters. These full height shutters offer a variety of flexibility in that you can choose tier on  tier shutters that allow you to open the top and lower sections separately, alternatively, you can  cover the lower half with café curtains.  

Roller Blinds for a Simple Effective Look  

If you prefer a contemporary look for your home, then maybe curtains or drapes are probably not  your thing. If you want an option that offers a streamlined and minimalistic look then roller blinds in  Falkirk, or anywhere in the UK for that matter will provide you with exactly that. Roller blinds do not  impose themselves visually on any space, and dependent on the colour choice can be virtually  invisible. This is ideal if you prefer a modernist look and want to control both light and privacy in your  bedroom or show off a great view.  

Improve the Privacy in Your Room with Window Film 

A quick and easy way to make your bedroom a more private space is to add a window film covering.  Window Films are a perfect choice if you have a ground floor bedroom that is overlooked. You can  get them cut to the exact measurements of your window, meaning you can easily fit them yourself.  Window Films come in a range of different finishes, such as frosted and all-over patterns and motifs  that allow you to add texture and interest to your bedroom as well as the level of privacy you desire.  

Lined Curtains make for an attractive practical space 

If your preference is for a traditional look then drapes or curtains are probably the best option. If you  choose curtains that are lined with blackout material you can have the best of both worlds. You will  be able to retain the soft attractive look of a curtain and get the dark space you will need to get your  8 hours a night. The primary function of a blackout curtain is to ensure direct sunlight doesn’t get 

into your bedroom and interrupt your sleep. This is especially useful in summer when the sun rises  as early as 4 am.  

Choose Full-Length Floor to Ceiling Curtains 

To get the best effect bedroom curtains should always be full length and hang from floor to ceiling.  Shorter curtains can often give a room a dated look and give the impression that windows are small  and boxed in. Floor to ceiling curtains adds height to a room while offering a clean simple aesthetic.  

Attention to detail plays a vital part in the look of any room and bedrooms are no different, think  about swapping the brass eyelets in your curtains for ones that match your curtain pole for a uniform  and custom look.  

As you can see there are numerous options for window dressings, and we have only scratched the  surface. But hopefully, some of the options we have given you above will help you when you decide  to update your bedroom space.

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