5 Things You can do to Increase the Usable Floor Space in your Home

No matter how big their homes are people seem to have a common desire for more usable space. There are numerous ways that you can find new space in your property without just building a box on the rear of your property. It is always worth exploring all the options open to you not just to get that spacious look and feel but to also enlarge your property. Sometimes, a simple rework can offer the exact benefits you need. 

Start With What You Have 

Before you call in the builders why not have a look at how you are using the space you already have. Start by decluttering and removing everything you don’t currently use; this will give you a much clearer idea of the layout of your property. It is amazing how by rearranging and remodeling existing space you can reinvigorate a property. Ensure you are making the best use of square footage taken up with corridors, hallways, under stair areas and landings. You may well find they offer you the opportunity to find additional space and transform your home with minimal effort. 

Go Upwards

One of the most cost-efficient ways of increasing your usable space is to go upwards. Now the most common and popular way of doing this is by converting your loft. Loft conversions are often a very budget-friendly way of adding a whole new floor to your property as a result of there being no need for groundworks, foundations or a planning application. If you are considering a dormer roof extension just be aware you may need to factor in the cost of hiring scaffolding in Glasgow or wherever you are doing your conversion. Loft conversions are ideal for adding extra bedrooms, bathrooms and more recently have become very popular as the use of home offices. 

Extend Outwards

Extending at the rear or side of your property is another if more obvious way of adding space. While the need for new foundations can make this a slightly more expensive option, if the additional space you require is on the ground floor, say for a new kitchen or living space, then this is probably the way to go. If you decide on an extension at the design stage it is always important to take into account the whole floorplan. A badly designed extension, rather than adding extra space can have a negative effect on other rooms in the property. 

Reconfigure Your Garage

Another often underused area of any property tends to be the garage, quite often they tend to just be a dumping ground for all kinds of rubbish. It is possible to make better use of your garage space by dividing it into different areas. If your garage space is connected to your house it offers you the opportunity to get creative with the space in there. Yes but what about the car you may ask? Quite often modern garage spaces have plenty of room available even after you have put your car in there, so why not divide off the extra space and use it as say a utility room or maybe a downstairs toilet. One thing to consider if using your garage to provide extra living space as well as storage is the quality of your garage doors in Bolton or any other part of the UK as you will need one that offers an enhanced level of security. 

Go into the Garden

If you have a decent-sized outside space or garden you could potentially add an outbuilding which would give you a wide range of options. It could be used as a basic storage space for any clutter you want to get rid of from the house. Alternatively, it could give you a little outdoor oasis where you can enjoy some peace, quiet and relaxation. In the current climate where working from home has become the norm, it offers you the extra space for that home office.

These are just a few of the ways you can add extra space to your home making it not only a larger but much more usable space.

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