How To Clean Your Hot Tub

After a long day running errands and working, there is nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub with some bubbles. It relieves stress, helps the back, and also soothes sore muscles. However, to enjoy your hot tub sessions, you need to ensure it is clean. How often you clean the hot tub will depend on various factors, including;

  • · How often the hot tub is used.
  • · The size of the hot tub and how many people use it.
  • · If there are any chemicals present in your water.

That said, let us now look at some tips on keeping your hot tub clean to ensure that you can enjoy a healthy and pleasant experience every time you get into it.

Get the right cleaning products

You shouldn’t use cleansing products meant for the home to clean your hot tub. Remember, these products are usually acidic and can be corrosive, leaving rust stains in the process. The only cleaning products you should be using on your hot tub are those formulated specifically to clean a hot tub. A good example of hot tub cleaning products is the spa enzymes formulated to remove the scum that builds up in a hot tub.

Flush the lines

Once every week or fortnight, you should flush out the water in all the equipment, including the filter and pump. You will need to use a hose for this process to ensure that no debris is left inside. Also, make sure that when flushing out the lines, you do not forget to clean the filters and if it needs changing, do so immediately. Regularly changing filters ensures that they work at their best and longer than expected. Dirty filters affect how well they perform, thus resulting in poor quality hot tub sessions.

Scrub the surfaces

The surfaces of the hot tub need to be scrubbed thoroughly. Use a non-abrasive agent so as not to damage the surface. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturers ‘ cleaning instructions as they know best how to clean their products. Once the surfaces have been thoroughly scrubbed, wipe with a soft cotton cloth to dry, and then use a sealant or wax to keep it looking new.

Take out the debris

Every few months, it can be a good idea to take all the jets and other things that come with your hot tub out and give them a thorough clean. You may need to work with an expert who can advise you on how this should be done. The reason for removing the jets is that sometimes they are very hard to clean, especially if they are located underwater. After clearing them of dirt, ensure no residue is left behind before putting them back in place. This ensures that your hot tub does not smell of dirt and that it looks clean.

When cleaning your hot tub, you need to ensure that you do everything slowly and cautiously because the chemicals used can be harmful if they touch your skin. Note that using protective gloves is advised when scrubbing and washing with any chemicals.

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