How to Move On Short Notice

Moving is hardly something people choose to do on an impulse, let alone on a fixed and tight budget. If you have experience going through the moving process, it would be simple to understand the reason many individuals avoid last-minute moves.

Though life likes throwing curveballs, both bad and good. Personal setbacks or unexpected home damage, a sudden breakup, and relocating for a new job may leave you scrambling with challenges involved in the last-minute moves.

Regardless of the reason, if you are moving across town or out of state, don’t get surprised if the last-minute move can overwhelm you. To help you avoid being overwhelmed, here is how you can make a move a success on short notice.

Collect Enough Supplies

You will not have enough time to move back and forth to the store so as to pick packing boxes and other materials. So it would be best to get everything you require on the first go.

Begin with a packing calculator that may give you an estimate of the boxes you will require after plugging in several important details.

Roughly, you may need around 15 boxes of different sizes for your studio and 35 boxes for your one-bedroom house. Remember also to pick several wardrobe boxes to ensure you pack your clothes without the need to pull them off the hangers.

Make a Timeline and List

When planning your move on short notice, a timeline and list are vital. You will have a short timeframe to make things done.

Make a task list of things, which should get done for your move. These things include setting up the utilities, filling the address forms, packing items, organizing vital documents, and transferring your kids to another school.

Hire a Good Mover

Hiring a good mover to help you relocate on short notice is at times expensive, but the amount you will spend can be worthwhile because it would be the fastest and hassle-free way to have the job done.

Consider calling every reliable moving company within your area. This will be necessary for comparing both the:

  • Services
  • Rates

Consider Decluttering

Even when you’re relocating on short notice, there will still be time to get organized and declutter. Concentrate on important things you may need in your new house and determine what you should do with them.

You can donate or sell the clothes, furniture, and toys you don’t wear anymore within a short time.

Label Boxes Wisely

Among the easy ways to make the moving process go smoothly is to choose the best method to label your boxes. Several rolls of a colored tape will be all you require.

Before relocating, remember to coordinate the destination’s layout by determining the best color for every room. Afterward, label the containers and boxes properly to ensure the contents match the corresponding color.

Final Thoughts!

Relocation needs you to pack up, look for a new home to stay, and contact a reliable utility service provider.

Many individuals are also lucky enough to have several months to get prepared for their move. However, if you have one or two months to take care of everything, consider some of the above tips, if not all.

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