3 Factors to Consider When Picking Home Fragrances

You probably already know how much scent is connected to your memory and your mood. If you catch a whiff of chocolate chip cookies baking, you might be instantly transported back to your grandmother’s kitchen. Or, if you’re feeling down, smelling peppermint or another invigorating scent can give you an energy boost. 

With such a strong connection between mood and smells, you’ll want to take care when picking home fragrances. From florals to seasonal favorites, the scents of your home should reflect your style. Read on to learn more about the different scents for homes that are available. 

1. Think About the Room 

Not all scents are created equal, and as a result, don’t think that you have to have the same scent in every room. For example, you probably don’t want florals in your kitchen. Instead, stick to scents that remind you of the smells of food, like herbs, citrus fruits, or baking (think vanilla or nutmeg). 

In the living room, you might want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, so go with something woodsy or softer. In the bathroom, a clean, fresh scent, such as a clean linen or ocean scent. 

Finally, your bedroom is your sanctuary, so make it smell that way. Something relaxing, like vanilla, chamomile, or lavender (or a combination of the three) can create instant relaxation. 

2. Consider Room Size

If you have a large, open living room, you will likely need a stronger way to create a scent. A small, single-wick candle likely won’t cut it in the living room as it will in a bathroom. Consider a larger candle or even an ultrasonic diffuser to get your chosen fragrance throughout our space. 

Diffusers also come in different sizes, so be sure you choose one that is appropriate for your room size to maximize your scent. 

3. Change Things Up Seasonally

There are certain times of the year where certain scents seem to fit. In the spring, florals and fresh laundry signify the end of winter and opening things back up. In the fall, cozy scents like vanilla, apples, cinnamon, and fresh leaves reign supreme. For the holidays, think fresh snow scents, peppermint, baked goods, and gingerbread. 

Feel free to change up the scents in your home with the seasons. Just as you change out the decor, pick your fragrances to match your decorations. This is also a way to bring in different candles and other decor, such as holiday-themed wax burners, oil diffusers, or themed plug-ins. 

Picking Home Fragrances: Choose What You Love

Ultimately, picking home fragrances comes down to choosing things that you love. Find your signature scent and stick to it if you don’t like to stray too far from your favorites. Or, be adventurous and try out new things to find one that you love. 

The most important thing is to pick a scent that makes you love walking into your home every day. If you found these tips helpful, be sure to check out some of our other home decor and lifestyle articles. 

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