Simple And Smart Ways To Stay Hydrated In Winter

When the temperature drops and we are having trouble keeping our body temperatures stable, it’s time to start paying attention to our hydration levels. Many people do not realize that they are at risk for heatstroke or even death from dehydration when temperatures rise in the winter months. The first sign that you may be experiencing high heat is if you feel hot when just sitting down. If you start to sweat, then that is another way to gauge your level of dehydration. In addition to feeling very warm, you might also experience headaches, blurred vision, a pounding heart, nausea, and chills.

In the summer, the cool weather tends to make sweating more prominent, making dehydration more pronounced. But in winter, especially when the temperature starts to drop, dehydration becomes much more evident. In addition to drinking plenty of water, people suffering from heatstroke can also take herbal tea to keep their bodies hydrated. However, extra layers of clothes and overly warm can also cause bodies to lose fluids through body heat without realizing it.

Staying hydrated in the winter requires individuals to pay close attention to their body temperature and hydration levels. If you start to feel extremely hot, you should start drinking a cup of hot tea to bring down your body temperature. You can also rub essential oils on your feet as it can help you stay calm and relax.  You can also use platform beds or box springs to lay on and get proper sleep. The platform beds and box springs are bed bases and you can choose the base you find comfortable. You can also replace those sweaters with a pair of shorts that fit just right and avoid long sleeves. Extra layers of clothing should be avoided during the winter months because these can increase your body temperature instead of cooling it. Lastly, dry air can also cause severe dehydration because the lungs become constricted.

Tips To Staying Hydrated During Winter

We all know that the winter months can be frigid and damp for the outdoorsman. With a bit of planning, you can stay cool and stay healthy!

  • First of all, make sure your gear is up to par. Whether it’s a water bottle or a sports bottle, you should have an adequate supply of drinking water. Keep several water bottles in water storage containers at home and an extra one in your car if you plan to travel.
  • Second, try layering clothing with heavier layers to keep you even colder. If you’re outside, you can add hats and coats. Don’t forget the gloves! Layering is excellent for retaining body heat during those long winter days. Plus, your clothes will stay wrinkle-free since they are not weighed down by too much excess weight.
  • Third, add some mints or fresh breath mints to your water to keep yourself refreshed. Nothing satisfies the taste of winter like the taste of fresh breath! Mints are easily kept in your water bottles; make sure they aren’t crushed or chewed, and they’ll be fine. A couple of sprigs of peppermint can keep you hydrated all day long, but please do so safely!
  • Fourth, stay hydrated by consuming water. No matter how cold it is outside, drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Pure water is the best hydration you can provide for yourself throughout the day. You can find pure water at any grocery store or pharmacy. Along with hydration, sleep is also essential to keep your body from not getting dehydrated. You can use a variety of duvets and comforters to make sure that you sleep properly. Take every step and effort to make sure that you don’t suffer from hypersomnia.
  • Fifth, take a hot shower if you need to stay hydrated during the day. Showering is natural body activity that provides us with moisture and helps us stay warm. It also flushes out toxins and wastes and gets rid of dry skin. Hot showers also promote good circulation to have maximum efficiency in flushing toxins out of your system.
  • Six, drink lots of pure water. Eight to ten glasses is a healthy amount of water to consume each day. If you’re thirsty, then have at least ten glasses of water right away. However, if you find yourself getting dehydrated quickly, go ahead and increase that amount to twelve or even more.
  • Seven, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. The fresher your food is, the better it is for you, and the more nutrients it has. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water, and many contain vitamins and minerals that are good for your body and help you stay hydrated! Vegetables are also very high in fiber, which helps get rid of constipation and promotes regular bowel movements.
  • Finally, the last of these simple and innovative ways to stay hydrated in winter is to go ahead and invest in a high-quality showerhead. These are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other kinds of showerheads, and you’ll find that you get more than your money’s worth in terms of cleanliness and effectiveness when you buy high-end products. Also, make sure that the showerhead you purchase is not made of lead or chlorine. While these two are not toxic, they are bad for the skin and can contribute to bad breath, which is another reason why you should avoid them as much as possible!

It would help if you tried to use a shower head that comes with an adjustable spray nozzle, so you can keep from having to strain to get each drop of water out. This way, you’ll be able to get in and out without wasting, which is one of the major causes of hemorrhoids in the first place! Also, make sure that the showerhead is large enough to accommodate you, so you won’t have to strain and waste precious energy moving around in an attempt to get a big enough spray nozzle. This is a significant cause of wasted energy and will pay off for you!

As far as drinking goes, you can always take a long cold shower after you finish cleaning yourself off in the morning, or just right after you get out of the battery if you’re feeling particularly bloated. Taking a long cold shower right after exercising is another one of these five simple and innovative ways to stay hydrated in winter! By not moving your extremities, the pressure on your joints will be significantly reduced. You will be able to rest better and longer between activities, which will give you more energy to move around and go out more!


There are many other ways that you can follow to stay adequately hydrated in winter. If you eat foods high in water content and can stick to them throughout the day, this will help ensure that you never feel thirsty. Of course, by drinking plenty of water each day, it is possible to prevent the need to use showers or the bathroom, but even a tiny amount of water can play a role in keeping your body hydrated! So take a look at your diet today and consider what you could be eating that could lead to your ever needing to stay hydrated!

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