Home Decor Color Trends for 2023

The overall theme for home design in 2023 is comfort, sustainability, and texture. We found an interesting article with tips for making your place look luxe by award-winning designer Kimberly Duran. Check it out for some great DIY tips for home decorating. Below we will give information on colours that will give your home a chic and stylish look.

Home decor colors for 2023 in the UK will be more colorful and brighter than ever. These include Digital Lavender, Rustic Greige, Florenzia Dusk, and Redend Point. There are also other neutral colors, such as Alizarin and Spanish Moss.


If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional neutral shades, consider Alizarin. This opulent red hue is perfect for larger rooms and adds a luxurious feel.

It’s also the perfect shade for statement woodwork. For example, the Farrow & Ball shade FTT-006 is ideal for the bathroom or the bedroom. This bright and bold color enlivens any room.

Alizarin is a rich, brown-red hue used in large and small rooms to create a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Alizarin is derived from the Rubia plant, a species used as a natural dye worldwide. This color adds depth to any room. It also adds luxury to larger spaces.

Use it with Glidden’s Vining Ivy. This teal-green hue perfectly blends blue and green and has rich undertones. Use it to accent furniture or wall art in a variety of rooms.

The same color is available in various home decorating products, including gloss paint, a matte emulsion, and an interior eggshell. It’s the ideal shade for creating a cocooning effect in a cozy home or a Victorian-inspired living space.


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Digital Lavender

Digital Lavender is a muted pastel purple that is gaining popularity in the design world. It is a very subtle color that evokes a calm, relaxing atmosphere. It is a perfect hue for home decor and wellness products.

The color Digital Lavender is already becoming popular amongst the youth market and is expected to expand into the fashion and retail industries by 2023.

WGSN, a consumer trend forecasting company, predicts that Digital Lavender will be the color of the year in 2023. The color represents stability, serenity, and wellness, which are vital to health and well-being.

Digital Lavender

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Rustic Greige

Rustic Greige is a greige paint color mixture of grey and beige. It is considered a versatile neutral that can be used in any room interior. Its earthy tones and subtle red undertones provide a sense of safety and serenity. It is perfect for an entryway or an accent wall.

The Dutch Boy Paints company has announced Rustic Greige as the year’s color for 2023. The company has created three alternative palettes. One includes a mix of plush tones, another emphasizes a vintage vibe, and a third features a combination of soft neutrals and jewel tones.

Several other companies have also announced their color predictions for 2023. These include Graham & Brown, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr.

Redend Point

Redend Point is a warm color that adds a soothing vibe to your home. The color is a blend of beige and blush. It’s a shade that can coordinate with other neutrals or colors to create a stylish look.

The color can be used throughout the room or as an accent wall. It is a great choice to decorate a mudroom or kitchen island. It also works well as bed linen or a throw blanket.

In addition to being a popular color for home decor, it is a favorite for people looking for a soft and cozy reading nook. It’s a versatile color, and you can pair it with other neutrals and earth tones for a chic design.

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss is a natural color suitable for your home’s interior or exterior. This bold green is an earthy hue that looks good on its own or when combined with other shades. You can use this to give your abode a new lease on life.

This particular green may be the most popular shade in the sunbelt, but it can work well in any climate. Apply this color to wood, plastic, and metal pieces for a bold look. If you want to make a statement, consider this shade on a large scale.


White is the favorite color for kitchens in 2023. The farmhouse look is trendy. Painted cabinet doors made of metal or wood will be in demand, as well as deep sinks and old-fashioned faucets. Butcher-block countertops finish the look. Floors made of wood are particularly popular with the farmhouse kitchen, but there is a variety of tile and flooring that will work. 


In 2023 choosing colors for your home is easy. You want to bring the colors of nature indoors. Textured fabric, rugs, and throws will give the look of plush luxury when combined with comfortable furniture choices. Think shades of green, warm brown, tan, red-orange, blues, and lavender.

Whether you love the hues of the desert or a cool ocean shore, bring the colors of nature into your home and create your own oasis. You will find 2023 a year to express yourself easier than ever.

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