The Best Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Renovated bathrooms help to update their style, add value to homes, and make it easier for homeowners to adapt to their needs. Updates are a perfect time and opportunity to introduce improvements, which can serve you as well as your family members for many years to come.

If you plan to spend money on bathroom installation services, opt for one or a few of the following updates to improve the space’s comfort, storage, and functionality:

1. Tame all the Clutter

Begin with something easy that costs nothing. If you are like many homeowners, you have accumulated thousands of empty bottles of hair and skincare products. All these have to go. Therefore, you have to binge by keeping the good things, recycling/tossing, and donating the remaining ones.

You should do this after every three to five months, not just when you feel like spring cleaning. This will help you be more mindful of waste and is a perfect way of kick-starting a bathroom refresh.

2. Clean Shower Screens

Old shower curtains, recesses, and shower screens may give you a bathroom’s age. Replacing shower screens is an easy way of revamping your bathroom. From pivot to frameless shower screens, there are many options to choose from, depending on the style and layout of your bathroom. If you plan to switch from a sliding door, ensure you have clearance to open your shower door.

3. Install Dated Lighting Fixtures

Changing the bathroom’s lighting may significantly affect both functionality and aesthetics. For a bathroom without windows, lighting fixtures are important.

One light fixture above your sink probably won’t be enough. So, opt to replace old lighting fixtures with LED ones – it is more energy-efficient and bringer. And for a romantic look, consider adding chandeliers.

4. Consider Cleaning and Regrouting

A mold, limescale, and grime build-up may easily make your bathroom look very tired. Therefore, your first makeover step should focus on cleaning everything extensively.

You may purchase specialist products from DIY stores or supermarkets to shift stubborn patches. If this doesn’t work, consider trying an anti-mold grout-reviving pen on tough dirt. The pen comes in various colors to match what you have.

5. Level up the Brassware

Updating your taps, as well as other fittings, is an effective and quick way of smartening up your bathroom. It is a simple project that a plumber can handle. Your plumber will ensure the finishes of your accessories, brassware, and radiators match so as to create a more cohesive look.

6. Replace those Leaky Tiles

Sometimes, you must update your bathroom for maintenance purposes rather than for aesthetic reasons. One of the major components that requires renewing or changing are tiles. If they have been on the walls for many years, they could be leaking and letting water through.

If you ignore this and don’t attend to it, you may deal with a damaged floor or wall. To be on the safe side, install a showerwall waterproof paneling system. It is easy to install and it’s the best alternative to tiling.

The Takeaway

Impactful ways of updating your bathroom include leveling up the brassware, replacing leaky tiles, regrouting& cleaning, taming the clutter, and cleaning shower screens. If you want professional help or advice to improve your bathroom, find a good service provider for the job.

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