3 Incredible Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Home is somewhere you need to feel safe, both you and your family. People often ignore the vital precautions of keeping them safe till it’s too late. Many things can harm you and your family, including burglars and pests that can lead to infectious diseases. From the statistical reports, thousands of individuals die yearly from home-related injuries that sometimes can be avoided.

 A simple example has a stump in your home, which has a high probability of hosting pests and mosquitoes that can affect you and your family. This stump can also cause injuries to your loved ones if they trip and fall. A simple solution for such is calling Stump Grinding Cloverdale to help remove it and bury the hole. Did you also know after every 23 seconds, a home is burglarized, and around 2600 die due to home fires annually? All these can be prevented by following simple steps. This article will explore incredible ways to make your home safer.

Install an Alarm System

One of the best ways to keep your home safe is by installing an alarm system that helps scare away burglars who are afraid to be caught. Ensure you set the alarm before leaving your home and immediately return home. Alarms will alert you and the security agency in case someone tries to break into your home. Ensure you have an updated alarm system and don’t disclose the codes to anyone except your family. However, it’s crucial to ensure that alarms are permitted in your city and know if you require licensing from the police department to make it easier for them to respond to you.

Make Strategic Moves to Prevent Falls

One major cause of injuries at home is caused by falls which can be severe and lead to death in some instances. You can prevent this by keeping your home free from tripping hazards. Ensure that no toys, rugs, stumps, or electrical cords are left unattended on the floor. It’s also vital to have handrails on both sides of the stairs and remove all the clutter that could cause falls. You can also consider installing light switches at the bottom and the top of the stairs to make it easy for people to see where they step.

Another way is to place nonslip mats in the showers and tub to ensure those using the bathroom don’t slip. Moreover, you can consider installing grabs at the tub, shower, and toilets to make it easy for people to stop from failing.

If you have little children, you should avoid leaving them on the bed alone or table as they can easily slip, and the fall can be fatal. If you have to ensure you use safety straps on strollers and high chairs. Also, consider installing doors on the balconies and stairs to prevent access.

Check Your Window

Most people often leave their windows unlocked, making it an easy entry for burglars. Also, leaving the windows open can be dangerous to your kids if they climb up. It’s important to install window sensors to alert you in case someone tries to break in through your window. Also, ensure you lock your window and use window bars.


The above tips will ensure that your home is safe for you and your family. Don’t leave anything to chance; confirm you have locked all the doors before leaving and sensitize your family about the necessary security measures.

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