Are Smoker Covers Really Needed?

If you have a smoker in your backyard then you should immediately get a cover for it without wasting any further time. Besides being a handy accessory, a smoker cover is also a necessary thing for anyone who cares about their smokers and wants to ensure their appearance and longevity. 

If you are among those people who have a habit of keeping their smokers outdoors, then better know that by doing this you are exposing your smoker to all the harsh weather elements outside. If you reside in a region that is known for its extreme climate like heavy rainfall, snow, ice, excess heat then having a cover is a useful thing. Even if you reside in an area where the weather is not that extreme still you need covers to protect your smoker from the moisture and the humidity. 

Among all these outdoor elements, one thing is common and that is they will harm your smoker by causing it to rust. You cannot stop oxidation, it is a natural phenomenon and metals are the common victims of oxidation. But you can do your best to protect your smoker from rust by using a proper cover. According to the family handyman, rust occurs from an oxidation reaction in which the iron surface reacts with the water and oxygen present in the air and forms hydrated ions that cause the rust. Besides water and oxygen, the other weather elements can act as a catalyst for the oxidation reaction causing it to speed up to such a level that the rust turns your smoker into a bag of red dust faster than you could imagine. 

Though smokers are made of materials that are capable of withstanding the weather conditions and slow the oxidation rate to prevent rust but still investing in a proper smoker cover is a worthy investment as the smoker cover is not that expensive as you think. If you do not want to get your smoker replaced long before there is a need to do so then it is a good time to buy a smoker cover before things worsen. 

You may easily get covers from the manufacturing company of your smoker as some companies offer custom covers for their units. In case the manufacturers do not sell covers then you have to work a bit hard and find a company that specializes in producing smoker covers. But remember if you are buying cover from such a company, then you have to take the proper measurements to ensure that the cover properly fits on your smoker. Buying a cover that does not cover your smoker properly is of no use. 


A smoker cover is the primary line of defense for your smoker against all the weather elements that are harmful to them. Smokers are something you will be using for many years to come and finding a proper cover for it is not that difficult. So get a cover and keep your smoker covered. 

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