Unable To Decide Which Skirting Board You Want To Build In Your New House- Check Here!

Finding the skirting board perfect for your house and giving the finishing touch is not easy. You can discover various styles and pattern which confuses the person. A homeowner always wanted to make each of their room look contrasting. Once you get a different style, pattern, and size of skirting board in a different room, you will know it is worth the effort.

However, installing and painting the skirting board is not that hard. It is the thing that you need to decide at the end of the renovation or building of the house. Finding the one depends on the color and other things in the room, which is why it is the end decision.

But while you have chosen, you may find different options, and you need to get the information about it in advance. Get some more knowledge from Here, you will find different types of skirting boards available and explore several types of skirting boards for your house and how you can design them.

 Types of Skirting Board Ideas

You can find several types of skirting boards, each of which will impact the room differently. Some popular skirting board ideas you can come across-


It is a simple skirting board that utilizes straight lines and clean edges. It has functional styling, which does not detract from any other feature and will allow you to install and maintain so easily. It does come with a top edge that will soften the visual appearance and increase its durability.


Ogee has more of a decorative profile that features the angled edge, which will graduate into the sweeping curve and have a flat face at the bottom of the board. It is mainly used in modern homes, which gives your house a luxurious sense of the interior and will bring both small and large rooms together.

In most places, it suits at a height between 70mm and 350mm. But, of course, the profile will depend on the manufacturing, so if you are thinking of getting this, you should ask for the sample first and then choose to build it in the whole house.


It has a semi-circular round at the top of the board, some have a completely flat surface, but some have an indent below the curve. It is a popular design from classical architecture and offers you the toned-down version.

It is a highly versatile choice that is perfect for your house and will look perfect with the size and style of the house.

Square Skirting

One of the incredible and most popular choices that you can have on a skirting board is Square Skirting. It is perfect for both personal and professional settings. In addition, because of its simple design, it has quite simple and easy to install.

It has a simple appearance with the modern minimalist trend that will give an impressive look. Moreover, it is highly versatile that will cut to any height, which will be quite an economical option.

Bullnose/Pencil round

It is a simple yet popular design with a rounded edge at the top of the board. It may not be the most decorative, but it suits most of the interior. One main feature that attracts people is its smooth and rounded edge at the top.

 The design is crisp and simple; it has a streamlined surface that will go with different styles and never go out of fashion. It is so famous and is quite easy to maintain. You can give your modern home the classic Bullnose design look.

Types of Skirting Board Material

You can make different designs from the skirting board only if you know its type. Each of them comes with a distinct design and price, so you can determine your budget and its types in style and material. Some of the best types of skirting board material are-

  • MDF Skirting boards
  • Softwood skirting boards
  • Hardwood skirting boards
  • Tiled skirting

Why use a Skirting Board?

Most people prefer the skirting board because it does look so good on your walls. Most people use plaster, but that gives a rough finish, which is why it needed a junction at the ceiling and floor. The functions of the skirting were intended to hide the junction at the bottom of the plastered wall.

That is why nowadays it has become important for the person to use skirting boards which are perfect for the construction material. It will provide a barrier that will protect the wall from the dents and scuff that you may cause or prevent pets from moving.

The main reason to have the skirting board in your room is that it has more decorative purposes for the homeowners. It will include the skirting board design and the overall interior schemes.     

How to Choose the Right Skirting Board?

Choosing the one skirting board that is right for you is quite essential. In most of the rooms, the skirting is quite small, but still, it makes a difference in the décor of your house. Time there have been differences that have taken place between the designs of the house. That is why you need to consider the factors to choose the skirting to match the house design and other things.

Nowadays, modern-day boards are thinner and less detailed than traditional ones. It has a simple square routed space which is common in the modern home. You can follow the theme of your house and then only choose the board.

You have come across different types of skirting board ideas that you can have in your house. That will give a completely distinct look that is popular and make your house look perfect. Skirting boards are so essential that they come with different color ideas, but you need to ensure that you get the neutral color skirting board that will match the wall work.

At last, you need to consider painting your skirting board. It will always be better and satin finish to your house.

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