Smart Home Gadgets For 2022

As we’re nearing the end of 2021, it’s time to look forward to the future as 2022 is just merely weeks away from us now. As we look towards 2022, we can only speculate on what will be popular during the next year. But one thing that we are confident about is that the smart home trend will only grow more popular and integral to our society in 2022.

So in 2022, what pieces of smart home tech will be among the most popular? What new technologies can we expect to become mainstream? And which gadgets will have the most utility for your home in the next year? Let’s find out.

Smart Speakers

First off on any list of must have smart home gadgets will always be smart speakers like the Amazon Alexa. The reason for this is that smart speakers are an essential part of any smart home ecosystem, as they can be used to control other smart home gadgets. So in 2022 the importance of smart speakers will only grow as more people hop on the smart home trend.

Electronic Blinds

Electronic blinds are just like normal old fashioned roller blinds, but rather than being operated by a hand pulled chain, they’re controlled either by a smart home system or a handy remote control. Out of these two types, remote control roller blinds are the most popular at the moment, but as smart home tech becomes more accessible, it’s likely ones with smart home integrations will soon take the lead.

Smart Camera Doorbells

Smart doorbells such as Amazon’s Ring doorbell have become increasingly popular in recent years as their cost has become a bit more accessible. Smart camera doorbells are great for a whole host of things, from security acting as a CCTV and alerting you when people get close to your door, to more handy things, such as receiving parcels and post while you’re out of your home as you can communicate through the doorbell to the delivery courier.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lights are essentially light bulbs which can be operated via smart system controls as well as a traditional on/off switch, But newer smart lighting systems, also have the option to change the colour and intensity of the light via smart home systems, which is perfect for trying to set the mood, or even for showing off to visitors.

High Tech Home Cleaning

Let’s be real, no one enjoys doing home cleaning chores like hoovering. One of the benefits of smart homes is that you no longer need to hoover, we have smart home tech like Roombas for that. You can purchase robot vacuums which will vacuum your home by themselves, meaning that you get to kick your feet up while a robot does your chores. These have been popular for a long while, but now that the technology is more accessible, they’re sure to skyrocket in popularity next year.

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