Things To Consider Before Buying a Solid Oak Table

The solid wood furniture you thoughtfully picked can last for an extended period with proper care. It will also reward you and your home handsomely with its classic and sophisticated vibe. If you’re thinking about buying a kitchen or dining room table, go for a solid oak table. This furniture will be a stunning centerpiece in your home. 

However, you must carefully consider certain factors before purchasing since this furniture piece serves many purposes. One of its best purposes is to improve relationships. When you’re all busy, this is where all members of the family catch up and share a meal. Suppose you have unexpected guests coming over. You can also use the table to entertain them over bottles of wine, platters of cheese, and an assortment of games. Your table can also be your makeshift or pseudo office if you’re working at home.

All these purposes only mean one thing — your dining table plays an integral role in your life. Hence, it’s just right that you give careful thought when buying one. If you’re unsure about the factors to look for in a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable table, check out the following:

Size and Purpose

Whether you have an open floor plan with a separate dining hall or a dedicated dining room, your table space will always be limited. This is why determining the table size early on is crucial. It’s not enough that the table will fit the room, but it also needs to have enough space for you to slide in and out of the chairs with ease.

Apart from that, also consider your family’s lifestyle. If you’re fond of hosting parties for your big family, choosing a bigger dining table is a must. Then again, if a more extensive table is too cumbersome for daily use, opt for one with a detachable leaf insert. With this, you will have enough extra space for informal times and an expandable one you can pull out for special occasions.

Also, consider the other furniture pieces within the room. Suppose you have a wall-mounted buffet table for extra serving space. Ensure that your guests can still sit on the chairs on that side of the table without feeling pinned in.


After considering the table size and purpose, the next thing to think of is its shape. Certain table shapes fit and complement specific rooms better than others. The most common dining table shapes are rectangles, squares, ovals, and circles.

Circular tables work best in a room with limited space. Since it doesn’t have corners, it facilitates more effortless flow even within limited dimensions. These tables are also ideal if you want intimate conversations. The shape suggests inclusivity, given the absence of the head of the table.

It’s a bad idea to go for a circular table with a square room as these two have conflicting dimensions. It’s also not wise to use a circular table in a rectangular room since the former will look misplaced. Instead, go for a rectangular or oval one.

Table Support

Apart from the first two considerations, think about what table supports would work best. The three essential table supports are the trestle, legs, and pedestal. You need to consider these aspects to know where and how the chairs would fit.

Among the three, the pedestal table support is the easiest to maneuver when fitting in chairs. Without a trestle or legs getting in the way, you only have to consider the chair width when identifying the number of chairs that can fit in.

To maximize a small dining table’s seating capacity, go for tables with a pedestal base. This will keep diners from hitting their knees on the legs of your table. This type of table support can free up space in a small room. While large table tops offer ample space, they can quickly snatch this space away because of their cumbersome frame.

Research Before Deciding To Purchase

Buying a dining table may not be a life-changing decision, but it’s crucial. This is where your family eats and catches up. This is also where friends and extended families share stories and have fun. You can gather and entertain your loved ones better if you have a fully functional table that’s convenient and aesthetically pleasing. To satisfy all these dining table qualities, it pays to research before you buy one.

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