Diamonds – More Than Just a Girl’s Best Friend

When you hear the word ‘diamond’, your thoughts might automatically conjure up images of exquisite jewelry such as engagement rings or sparkling necklaces that cost millions of dollars. Despite these precious gems being used primarily in the creation of beautiful jewelry, diamonds also have a multitude of other fascinating uses, as those who work at Devour Tools (click here to visit website) know all too well. The makers of high-performance tools use the gem to make diamond metal blades for use in various cutting machines for the construction industry. But what else are diamonds used for?

Industrial Drilling

Drilling into the earth for oil or gas requires machines capable of penetrating rock and stone, which requires super strength. With diamond drill bits on these machines, companies can drill very deep to find what they are looking for, whether that be oil, gas, gold, or even diamonds themselves.

Audio Equipment

Diamonds are often used in the manufacturing of high-end audio equipment, such as speakers. Using a thin dome made from diamonds helps to ensure the longevity of the speakers as they are less likely to suffer wear and tear from vibrations. Furthermore, diamond-tipped needles in record players or DJ mixers help to provide a more accurate reading of the information on the discs and will last much longer than regular needles.


As you might imagine, human teeth are extremely hard, ranking a 5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. To put that in perspective, diamonds rank 10, and gold ranks between 2.5 and 3. The scale ranks minerals on a 1-10 scale for hardness. To drill holes in teeth, dentists often use diamond-tipped tools that allow them to quickly and easily get the desired result. Not only do the diamond tips help dentists to work quickly and effortlessly, but they also ensure the tools last longer.


A variety of diamond tools are used in optometry to create both contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses that help to improve vision. These tools offer premium precision, speed, and safety.

Cancer Treatment

Nanodiamonds are used in the field of medicine today, primarily in the detection and treatment of cancer. A technique known as hyperpolarization uses these tiny diamonds to reveal where cancer is located in the body. The diamonds attach to molecules that are targeting cancer and can be detected by MRI scans.

Furthermore, nanodiamonds can deliver medication to cancer patients. The medication is attached to the diamonds and, once in the body, releases the medication with their ability to reflect light allowing them to target all the cancer cells.

Beauty Products

Beauty products that contain tiny diamond fragments, such as sprays and serums, can help to eliminate the skin and reduce the signs of aging. These expensive products are immensely popular with the rich and famous, who can afford to splash out on such things to make themselves appear younger.


The use of diamonds in electronic devices is commonplace because of their ability to conduct high heat. Components are often used in the production of computers as well as smartphones. Diamond cutting tools are also popular with those who work with fragile semiconductors. The precision and accuracy afforded by diamond tools make it easier to cut delicate components.


While diamonds are most widely known for their aesthetic beauty in expensive jewelry, these super-hard gems have a variety of other uses. They are perfect for creating metal blades for use in the construction industry as well as in the making of super small electronic components that can conduct high heat in computers and smartphones They are also used for super-powerful drilling, whether that be the Earth’s surface or a human tooth.

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