Why Offer A CIPS Qualification to Your Employees?

Accreditation for CIPS qualification comes from The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), an international supply chain and procurement organization that promotes ethical practices. Its job is to ensure that high standards are maintained by providing procurement professionals with training and certifications delivered by a qualified training provider. 

What are the benefits of offering a CIPS training course to your employees if you are a business owner? Read on to find out. 

Return on Investment

In order for your procurement team to be more successful and efficient, you should invest in a CIPS qualification for your personnel. Team members and individuals alike will benefit from CIPS training, which promotes best practices and creative thinking in the workplace.Making better and informed decisions will lead to cost savings whilst minimising supply chain risk.

When everyone is working more efficiently due to the knowledge gained through their CIPS qualification, your business will be more profitable – there will be less wastage and fewer mistakes. 

Better Staff Retention Rates

The expense of having to rehire and retrain new employees is a major issue for many businesses. Getting them up to speed on the fundamentals of their new position in order to give them a sense of confidence and momentum and to guarantee that they genuinely understand what they’re doing is essential.

If you work in procurement, it’s excellent if you can help your employees get a CIPS qualification from a reputable training provider. They will be better equipped to do their job and make better decisions if they have a better understanding of the subject matter. In turn, this will lead to better retention rates; if an employee is happy in their work and understands what is required of them, they won’t be tempted to leave. 

Offer An Increased Sense of Stability 

In a world that changes quickly, employees worry more and more—and rightly so—about how long their skills will last. In fact, almost half of workers are worried that they won’t be able to keep their jobs in the next five years because they don’t have the skills that are needed. Employer-provided training can help these workers improve the skills they already have or switch to a completely new role, which is good for both the company and the employee. And when employees think they have a future at the company, they are much more likely to be happy and plan to stay for a long time.

Although there are many different training options for your team, choosing something such as a CIPS qualification that will have a direct and specific benefit in your business rather than something more generalised will ensure even greater stability. 

Reduction in Layoffs 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, priorities can shift quickly. When an employee’s talents no longer meet the demands of their business, this might regrettably lead to layoffs. In addition to the expenses of severance and rehiring, layoffs can have a major effect on morale among the remaining workers.

Layoffs can be avoided in many cases. Rather than starting from scratch, firms can transfer existing talent by reskilling and upskilling individuals for new or expanded positions that align with company aims. Organisations that engaged in staff training were far less likely to lay off workers. By offering excellent CIPS qualifications through a highly regarded training provider, you can upskill team members who will be better off working in other departments. If their new role brings money into the business, then it is worthwhile. 

Build A Competitive Advantage 

When individuals and teams are up to speed on the newest business knowledge and technology, they are able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Adaptability is critical in today’s continuously changing business environment. As a result, companies that don’t invest in their workers’ development are likely to slip behind their rivals. When the market requires new goods or services, companies with the capacity to swiftly shift gears to meet those needs have a significant competitive edge.

A CIPS qualification is particularly important in this regard. This is not a qualification that all employees will have, even if they work in procurement. By ensuring that everyone has the chance to gain a CIPS qualification from a qualified training provider, you can prove that your business has the knowledge and expertise to rise above the competition and be the expert in its field. 

Knowledge Retention 

Employees who have worked in the same position for a long period of time may need a refresher course in order to stay up to date on their responsibilities. To aid in the retention of new knowledge, refresher training should be provided on a regular basis to staff. If your workers’ productivity and job performance improve, this will have a long-term positive impact on your business.

Procurement changes rapidly, and this is why finding a training provider to provide updated CIPS information and an eventual CIPS qualification is crucial. It’s far too easy to fall behind in terms of your procurement processes, and that will allow your competitors to gain the advantage, which is not something any business owner will want to happen. 

Enhanced Leadership Potential 

When you show your workers that you care about them, they will return the favour. Having learned new talents, they’ll be looking for new ways to put them to use in the workplace. Because of this, it is possible that they will apply for progressively higher positions in the business and rise through the levels of leadership over time.

Since we know that it’s more expensive to hire new people from scratch, this certainly has its advantages. However, another benefit to this is that when you ensure your employees have a CIPS qualification, you can tailor their training to your needs. This is not something you would have any control over if you were to hire an external candidate who had a CIPS qualification from a different training provider. 

Diverse Thinking 

When we learn from others, we get to know new ways of thinking and different points of view. Everyone benefits from diversity in the workplace, including employees, customers, co-workers’, and other stakeholders.

Learning what you need for a CIPS qualification from a trusted training provider should offer this diverse view of the world and of procurement in particular. 

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