How to Pack for a Cross-Country Move

When it comes to a cross-country move, packing is everything. Unfortunately, movers make packing mistakes that result in an awful relocation process. You don’t need to fret, though! If you learn how to pack, a cross-country move won’t be as intimidating.

Here’s how to pack for a cross-country move.

1. Seek Professional Assistance

Most cross country movers provide packing services. The moving company will pack your items safely and label all your boxes. That gives you peace of mind and time to concentrate on other things tasks.

2. Label Your Items Properly.

Label all the boxes and indicate the destination rooms. That will reduce traffic in your new area while unpacking. Also, you can tell delicate items in the boxes so that movers will take extra measures. 

But consider the movers cost NYC when hiring a professional mover company. This helps in budgeting accordingly and avoids inconveniences.

3. Decide What To Pack

You may no longer need some things after relocating. These can be, for instance, old clothes, broken furniture, books, etc. Get rid of these before packing to ease the move and save on moving costs.

Only pack the things you’ll need, such as clothes, functional furniture, and other items of value.

4. Clean Everything First.

Packing before cleaning is one of the common packing mistakes among cross-country movers. Don’t make the same mistake; ensure your items are clean before packing. Remember, some of your belongings are delicate and should not be exposed to dirt. Also, cleaning enhances your hygiene and health.

5. Keep Essential Things Accessible.

The chance of unscheduled stops is high during a cross-country move. But if you pack your items flexibly, that will not be an issue. Therefore, have essential items such as an overnight bag in the moving truck. If all your essentials are accessible, your cross-country move experience will be smooth and fun.

6. Create A Packing Checklist.

It’s common to forget items when packing your boxes. But with a packing checklist, that will not happen. The lists will tell you what and where to pack every item.  

7. Pack In Advance.

A last-minute rush is your worst mistake while packing your belongings. Planning increases the chances of a smooth move. Additionally, packing in advance helps you assemble all the supplies you’ll need for your move. 

8. Pack Right!

Often, a cross-country move is a bumpy ride. That means you must protect your items from damages resulting from bumpy rides. Use thick blankets or cushions to separate large pieces of furniture. Also, tightly tape the boxes to prevent brokerages. Alternatively, you can pack using specialized boxes for valuable items such as TV.

9. De-clutter

Decluttering makes your cross-country smooth and easy. It saves you on costs by making the movers work less. Movers will want an easy path to pass your items in the trucks. Also, decluttering minimizes the risks of injuries while moving.


Relocating your items for a cross-country move is undoubtedly an overwhelming task. Incorrect packing still ruins the whole moving process and adds costs. Luckily, you can follow the above tips for a successful move.

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