Top 5 Car Wash Supplies for DIY Driveway Vehicle Washes

According to the pros, it’s recommended that you wash your car every two weeks.

Whether you choose to wash your car that often or not, it’s important that you have all the right products for an at-home driveway car wash to ensure your car is sparkly clean. But which supplies are most important?

Here’s an overview of five car wash supplies you’ll want to have on hand for your next driveway car wash (as well as a few extra suggestions!).

1. Car Wash Soap

It might be tempting to use any old liquid soap you have at home, but using something like dish soap on your car’s exterior can cause more harm than good.

Instead, choose a soap designed specifically for cars and follow the instructions found on the bottle. A little goes a long way!

2. Wash Mitt

Wash mitts are essential when it comes to car cleaning supplies, as they make it super easy to get those hard-to-reach spots and focus on the details when scrubbing your car.

Look for wash mitts that are made of sheepskin or microfiber cloth. These won’t scratch your car and pick up dirt the best, giving you a great clean.

3. Buckets

A car wash bucket is an easy but often forgotten essential item. Any bucket will do, just make sure it’s clean so you don’t end up dipping your wash mitt in and pulling out dirt or sharp materials.

Opt for two buckets instead of one so you can fill one with soapy water and the other with clean water.

4. Glass Cleaner

The car soap you use on the exterior of your car shouldn’t be used on the glass windows, too.

Instead, purchase a car glass cleaner to spray on the glass sections of your car. You can wipe the cleaner off with a clean, soft towel, leaving your windows spotless!

5. Microfiber Towels

Once you’re finished cleaning, you’ll want to dry off your vehicle with microfiber towels for car.

Microfiber towels are best because their soft material won’t leave scratches, and they wipe up moisture quickly. Waffle-weave drying towels are also a popular option due to their absorbency.

Stock up on more than one microfiber towel to get the drying job done fast!

Extra Car Wash Supplies to Consider

These five car cleaning products are just a handful of the ones to choose from when it comes to car detailing and washing.

A hose will come in handy for rinsing off your car, and an interior cleaner will help you keep the inside of your car super clean. You might also choose to invest in car wax, tire cleaner, an interior duster, or a car cleaning set.

Get Your Car Squeaky Clean

Giving your car a thorough clean doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. By investing in these simple car wash supplies, you’ll get rid of all that dirt and grime so your car is looking good as new.

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