Why Most People Skip YouTube Ads?

With the rise in the use of social media, online ads are becoming more common on different platforms. Undoubtedly, creating exciting content and creative ads is difficult. Luckily, with tools like an online video editor, it has been made easy. But keeping the consumers hooked and preventing them from skipping is a bigger problem. 

Read on to discover why people skip ads, and what you can do to stop that from happening. We’ll also be discussing how an online video editor can help you in your online marketing journey. 

Why do people skip ads?


A survey conducted by ORC International showed that almost 90% of viewers skip video ads that appear ahead of the online videos. Moreover, they also avoid watching content that includes unskippable ads. 

Undoubtedly, consumer psychology plays a huge role in how people respond to ads. Here are some of the most common reasons why people skip ads:

1. Overpromising

Some businesses think that showing joyful and smiling faces will grab the viewer’s attention and prevent them from skipping the ad. However, that’s really unlikely. Especially when someone is not in a good mood, seeing such ads can be really annoying. 

So, avoid showing exaggerated consequences of using your product or service. People don’t like seeing fake emotions and stock-like scenes. Hence, such overpromising ads are less likely to gain credibility. 

2. Too Promotional

Too much branding or promotion can bore the customer and cause them to skip. There is no suspense to find out about the brand. And there is nothing to keep them hooked. Consequently, people press the skip button. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use other factors of brand identity. Things such as font, colors, or music can be useful in ads. Though brand reveals should be left for the end. 

So, avoid being too pushy about your brand and keep the ad short with a timely introduction. 

3. Boring

Ads are generally boring for consumers. But they are more so if the people can’t tell that it’s an ad. Even though people don’t like ads much, they still watch them. But if they see something that is too boring to be an ad, they prefer to skip it. 

Videos that don’t feel like ads may make the viewers feel cheated and tricked. So it is important to think out-of-the-box and use innovation that captures the viewer’s interest. You can use the special features of any online video editor to add that spark to your videos. 

4. Too much action

If you think that action-packed and thrilling ads are going to be loved by the audience, you’re wrong. Instead, research shows it to be the complete opposite. Too much movement can be distracting, causing viewers to skip. 

Viewers prefer watching videos that show predictable or desired content. They don’t like something that requires extra thinking or brainpower to understand what’s going on. 

So, focus on creating ads that are easier to understand without using too much of your brain. You can use Promo Editor to create remarkable videos effortlessly. 

How to stop people from skipping ads?


A survey showed that as many as 76% of people skip ads – not because they want to – but because they have now developed a habit. 

So what can you do to break this habit? We have compiled four easy steps to follow that can stop people from skipping your next ad. 

1. A good story

The story plays a huge part in the progress of an ad. Consequently, people remember the brand when they see a good ad. Another important thing to do is to reveal the brand in the time before the skip option is enabled for viewers. 

The beginning of the ad should be strong enough to keep the viewers interested. So put on your creative hats and start writing a compelling ad story. One thing you can do to ensure your video is engaging is to edit out the scenes that drag it too long or bore the viewers. 

2. Choose a target carefully

Instead of just targeting the people who aren’t your customers, also include the ones who are. Choosing the right target audience can significantly lower the skipping rate of your ad. 

By showing your ad to your existing or loyal customers, you are increasing the watch time. According to a report from HubSpot, 54% of consumers wanted to see video content from brands they supported. 

Hence, by keeping an eye on their interests, you can discover a new target that can turn into your future customers. 

3. Engaging and real content

Use ads to develop a deeper and emotional connection with the viewers. Show them how you understand their lives and struggles and how you’re willing to help them. Emotional ads are more engaging and stay on the viewer’s mind for a long time. 

So instead of just marketing your product or brand, also show how you are connected to the viewer’s life. People trust brands that they feel an emotional connection to. 

One way to make your content feel real is to create and edit it in such a way that the viewers feel as if they’re the ones doing the things in the video. You can do this by planning your video well and then easily editing your recorded footage on an online video editor. 

4. Make it personal

22% of people skip ads because the content doesn’t resonate with them. This is something many advertisers need to work upon. 

The ability to personalize with online videos is huge. Businesses have the chance to show their ads next to the content that the viewers value a lot. So by using this opportunity wisely, you can connect to the viewers better. 

An important thing to consider here is to make the ads more relevant to the context. Moreover, meaningful and worthwhile ads can enhance your brand’s image. 

Conclusion on creating engaging YouTube ads with an online video editor


It is quite obvious that pre-roll ads are a useful tool in digital marketing. But they have their limitations too. Online ads require you to push limits, not just in the creation of the ad but also in deriving results from it. 

For some people, it might seem like putting in double effort and investment. However, with’s online video editor, you can do it for free. With a simple drag and drop feature and easy-to-understand editor, you can create your own video ads. 

Now that you’re aware of why people skip ads and how you can change that, it’s time to get started on your next ad. With proper research, creative planning, and an engaging story, you will see an increase in your next ad’s results. So, use this knowledge to your benefit and take your brand to the next step. Use the power of Promo Editor to create inexpensive yet catchy videos for your Youtube ads. 

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