Why is Tik Tok best for brands?- Benefits of Tik Tok marketing


Now and then, we see short videos that are funny, dramatic, romantic, etc., owing to video sharing platforms like Tik Tok and others. The creation of Tik Tok has opened doors for many to showcase their creativity and entertain audiences. This short video creation app has become so popular that it has more than 500 million active users worldwide. Using the app, you can create videos of various genres. The market of Tik Tok has been increasing such that many brands have started using it as a means of marketing strategy. Not many are aware of the advantages of using the Tik Tok Platform for marketing the brand. 

Below are some of the benefits of using Tik Tok for marketing:

Getting more audience

In a very short period, Tik Tok was able to get more than 800 million active users. Audiences on the Tik Tok Platform can be used to the advantage of the brands to advertise their products and services. A brand specifically targeting the young generation of the age 16-24 can use the Tik Tok app for marketing their products.

Presence around the globe

Tik Tok has become popular in almost every country, with China, India, and the U.S being the countries with the maximum download of the Tik Tok app. So how does this help your brand? Tik Tok app has popularity in more than 150 countries around the world. So marketing your services and products through the app means reaching out to a broad population across the world. A brand operating in many locations can use local marketing strategies and carry out campaigns in local languages related to their market. The latest TikTok brand marketing report suggests that many brands successfully reached out to the audience as the app comprises 18% of the young generation.

Campaigning with Local Influencers

Even the local brands can use the Tik Tok platform to their advantage. Every user on Tik Tok has some followers. If the followers are more than ten thousand, they are called micro-influencers. Micro-influencers usually tend to influence within their city. Thus, a small business can include micro-influencers to get more advertising and marketing of their products and services. Also, it will be easy for the businesses to contact them in person and make sure that you select the right person. 

Platform to begin your business

Trending apps like youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are being used for marketing by businesses and can efficiently connect with their customers. The only app that many established businesses have not used and still has the marketing opportunity is the Tik Tok app. Many marketers are still focusing on other platforms and neglecting the pros of marketing on TikTok. Many brands and small businesses prefer the other apps over Tik Tok because they are already established and have more social impact. Some brands like Walmart, NBA, Chipotle have already made an impact using the Tik Tok app. 

Since not many brands are marketing on TikTok, you can make your first move while still, you have less competition. There are more chances for your brand to get a wider reach as there are only a few brands and less competition.

Easily Connecting with the audience

When trying to promote your brand and increase interactions with your followers or audience, it can be easily done through the Tik Tok app. An easy way to connect with your audience would be to introduce a hashtag challenge and encourage them to recreate the videos using your brand’s hashtag. It is a simple yet effective way to connect with your audience.

Video Marketing

In the past few years, there has been a rising demand for video marketing. The main reason is a video gets more attention from the user as they have to look at it and divert the user from whatever they are doing. And what could be a greater platform to promote your brand videos than the Tik Tok app.  A great advantage of using Tik Tok is that it is all related to creating videos. So a user already has the full attention towards the feed while scrolling through the app. This generates more interest for the viewer and may be shared with more users. 

Advertising through TikTok

When using the Tik Tok platform to market your brands, they can create videos or use hashtag challenges to reach more viewers. Advertising your brand through Tik Tok has a huge advantage as you can connect to more audiences through your brand videos. A brand can also pay to get a spot on the Tik Tok app, which might help the brand increase more viewers and followers. The ads can be customized as per the requirement of your brand. Starting with a video and enough customers to reach out is enough to give your brand a head start. Tik Tok is not a fully-fledged advertising platform, but opportunities are being introduced for businesses. 

Low Production Cost

The Tik Tok app is the first thing that comes to every user’s mind regarding challenges and trends. These trends keep on changing, and businesses can get a huge benefit from them. All you have to do is scroll through the videos and check for the latest trends, hashtags, videos. You do not require a whole team to create the videos. All you require is a smartphone to create the videos for your brand with the latest challenge or hashtag and share it. The video you create for your brand does not have to be a fancy or polished one. Simply follow the trend and post the video. Creating such small videos also costs less and helps your brand stay relevant. These low production cost videos will help your brand look more authentic and more real. You do not want your brand videos to look more like ads that viewers tend to avoid. 

The advantages mentioned above of using Tik Tok for marketing are the only few of them. There are many more for you and your brand to explore and utilize for your benefit.

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