Sex is still considered a taboo or a private discussion in most of our societies. However, you should not be embarrassed about having protected sex. The good thing is that modern-day youth and adults are much more informed on safe sex practices and measures to protect their health against sexually transmitted diseases.

With governments worldwide emphasizing and raising awareness about the importance of condoms, the product has experienced massive growth in sales. But most surprising, there is a new trend in town, with the number of people opting to purchase condoms online increasing exponentially. Find out why.


One of the reasons most customers prefer to buy their condoms online is to enjoy privacy. Some people are embarrassed to stroll in the supermarket’s condoms’ aisle, let alone be seen carrying condoms to the checkout belt to pay. Some feel intimidated to stand in front of all the condom packages choosing in fear that someone who knows them will walk by.

Many people end up buying other items they don’t need just to take the attention away from the condoms. Although many stores stock the product, others are afraid to ask for condoms at a store due to their conservative societies. However, when you order your kondome online, you can browse through the different brands and quantities comfortably in the privacy of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep.

A wide array of brands and price

Online condom stores have a wide array of assorted condoms or different brands from which you can base your selection. That means you have a chance to try different brands to find your most appropriate one. Additionally, many online condom stores such as offer discounts because of less overhead costs, which means it is cheaper to buy your condoms online.

Take time to find the right brand.

Many people are always in a rush to get out of the store’s condoms aisle; therefore, they do not have ample time to check the right brand. For instance, it is easy to buy condoms that don’t fit you right or don’t please you just because you are in a hurry not to be seen buying them. Some people are afraid to ask the shopkeeper as they don’t know how they will react.

Buying condoms online means that you have all the time to surf and browse the condom brands without embarrassment or fear of anyone staring at you. Plus, you don’t need anyone’s help, unlike a physical store where asking the shopkeeper can feel awkward. Thus you can compare different condom varieties so that you make the right choice. You also have the time to read all the information the manufacturer wants you to know about the product without feeling pressured or rushed.

Presence of reviews

Many people prefer buying condoms online because they have access to customer reviews about the brand. That means you won’t have to ask a customer assistant how a particular brand feels or is like, which can be awkward. Condom reviews left by customers who have used the product can help you make an informed choice.


Another practical reason for buying condoms online is the convenience it offers. You can order condoms online from anywhere in the world, anytime in the quantities you want, without any problem or judgment

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