4 Factors to Consider When Replacing Kitchen Doors

Do you want to lift the look of your kitchen? But what happens if you are on a budget? Well, consider replacing your kitchen doors. But don’t rush to it! 

Take your time to consider a few points to get the style, look and finish you deserve. For some people, replacing the kitchen door may seem like quite a daunting task, but that’s not the case. 

This article covers everything that you need to know about DIY kitchens so that you can replace your door with ease. 

1. Choose the Perfect Kitchen Door Style 

Take a look at some inspirations online. Here, you’ll get a few images of your dream kitchen and proceed from there. With this, you can choose the perfect kitchen style for your home; be it modern or traditional. 

Once you decide on the style, you should start to lean towards a specific door style and color. 

  • The Modern Kitchens 

Modern kitchens are more compact and sleeker than traditional ones. Yes, traditional kitchens are made from natural materials like wood, the modern ones are made from a combination of materials. Some still use wood but others are made from glass, metal, or laminate materials. 

  • Colors and Finishes 

Most modern kitchens are light in color, with greys, whites. Often, many doors opt for high gloss and matte finishes, which are very stunning. 

2. Measure Your Doors 

In most cases, your kitchen design will include a variety of drawers and cabinets in different sizes and heights. Such include tall and standard cupboards, deep drawers, cutlery drawers, pull-out larders, and doors for integrated units. All these need measuring up and don’t forget that a made to measure kitchen door is usually 5mm smaller than the unit or cabinet they are attached to. All this is to allow them open on a hinge without knocking the adjacent one. 

3. The Fitting 

The critical aspect of fitting new doors is the drill holes on the inside of the door. Ideally, these drill holes need to match the position of the existing hinges, otherwise, you’re taking a lot more DIY work. I bet you don’t want this to happen. 

Further, you should consider your door hinges and whether it is time to upgrade to soft-close hinges. The hinges feel great and add a luxury touch to your kitchen and protect the units from regular wear and tear thus elongating life for the kitchen. 

4. The Finishing Touches 

Most people forget the finishing touches like handles when looking at their kitchen door designs. Don’t make this mistake. The handles form an integral feature from a style and practical standpoint. 

Remember, the holes for handles will not be pre-drilled due to different size variations, making it a DIY factor to consider. Further, you should consider the end panels, cornice, pelmets, and plinths to ensure they match your style and are factored in your costings. 


Replacing your kitchen doors offers the cheapest and easiest way to modernize, energize and bring your kitchen up-to-speed. Even better, you can order a made-to-measure kitchen door online which saves on time and money. 

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