Transform Your Kitchen on A Budget

Updating your kitchen can be a costly affair if you don’t do your research and shop in the right places. Don’t be put off updating your kitchen because of the price, it can be done on a budget. There are small changes you can make that will have a big impact on the overall finish of your kitchen, for example, looking at the door hardware on offer at GJohns, you can transform the look of your cupboard doors with the simple change of a handle, the changes are endless so you’ll never be short of ideas.

Keeping Your Kitchen Layout

Transforming your kitchen on a budget means you’re going to have to make do with the layout of your current kitchen and enhance the features you already have. Don’t be disheartened as the finish will be spectacular. Enhancing your features just allows you to learn to love what you have and give the place some much needed TLC.


Begin by taking painting your kitchen cupboards into consideration this means you can begin to look at the different colour palettes available to transform the look of your interior overall. Looking at 2021 interior trends a great place to start is by looking into a neutral colour scheme. This makes future changes a lot easier and extends the longevity of your kitchen. You don’t want to fall into the trap of painting your kitchen cupboards a bold colour for it to fall out of trend quickly.

Re-using Your Appliances

Ensure you re-use your kitchen appliances. Not only is this cost-effective, however it contributes towards creating a more sustainable environment. If they’re in need of a good clean up, you can hire a professional oven cleaner to bring your oven back to life and give your other appliances a good clean down and even a lick of paint!


You can make a statement with your accessories in the kitchen. Perhaps you could put up a couple of shelving units and create a mini bar with an aesthetic bar light to create a funky and quirky focal point in your kitchen, this would be a great conversation starter. Alternatively, you can look into placing greenery for subtle pops of colour across the room to create little eye-catching points around the room. On the slightly more costly end of accessorising, yet not too expensive you could look into purchasing a new tap. A feature tap can look really eye catching and fresh without breaking the bank too much, just be sure to shop around.

Kitchen Hardware

Your kitchen hardware is something that needs some TLC after a while. It’s used so much in our day to day lives that it deserves a bit of a refresh. Making your kitchen hardware a focal point allows for you to consider a darker tone throughout. A beautiful idea to consider is a matt black pull handle to contrast against your light kitchen interior. They really make a statement, classic piece that is timeless so will travel well with the new trends that crop up each year.

Image Credit: GJohns

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