How to Move To Canada

Canada is the most popular country when it comes to immigration. There is a large number of immigrants who go to Canada from different parts of the world. If you are moving to Canada for whatever reason, it is vital to know what to do. Long-distance moving does not have to be difficult if you take enough time to plan and get everything ready. The following is a simple guide on how to move to Canada.

Check if You Will Require a Visa

If you want to move to Canada, you first should check if you will need a visa or not. A specific group of people does not require a visa or electronic authorization to enter Canada. Others must have a visa to enter. If you are moving from the US to Canada, you don’t need a visa for six months. However, if you come from another continent like Africa, you will need a visa. Therefore, work on this first before starting on moving preparation. 

Pack, Sell or Store Your Stuff

You may think of storing your items and moving them to start afresh. It might not be a good idea unless you know where you are going and have enough money to support your expenses in Canada. Pack the most necessary items you will need when you get there. If you think buying furniture in Canada is cheaper than hauling yours, you may want to sell it. The most important thing is to pack light to have an easy time settling there.

Arrange for Moving

If you are moving to Canada from the US or neighboring countries, it is possible to travel by road, train, or air. If you choose to go by road, finding a reliable and trustworthy moving company is advisable. The company should have ample experience in cross-country moving. You can go for Herlihy Moving to ensure your relocation to Canada will be easy and stress-free.

Prepare for Immigration

You can access several immigration programs based on what you want. You can choose the express entry program to get permanent residency in Canada. However, you must show skills and educational qualifications to qualify for this program. If you have two years of experience in the skilled trade, you can choose the federal skilled trades program. The federal skilled worker program is also accessible if you have at least ten years experience in professional or managerial jobs. In short, several programs can help you migrate to Canada. However, you need to meet the basic requirements.

Ensure Your Bank is International

You will need a way to access money to cover various expenses. The best thing to do is choose an international bank also available in Canada. If you don’t have one, opening one in the country and depositing some money will be a good idea.

Final Words

These are vital things you ought to do when moving to Canada. Confirm if citizens from your country must have a visa or any authorization to enter Canada. Also, arrange for moving and find a way of accessing funds.

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