Moving With Kids

Kids love exploring new places, and many get excited about moving. However, others have the opposite reaction and won’t want to leave their usual environment and friends. There are various ways to manage the situation, though! There are also ways to plan your move and ease the associated stress.

Check out tips to help you prepare when moving with kids:

1. Announce the move

You’re excited about moving to a new place, and perhaps you have already started packing. There’s one thing, though. The kids! Have you disused this with them? Some kids may be resistant to the move, and doing this without involving them isn’t a good idea. 

Before going further with the arrangements, discuss this and give your kids a chance to air their views. Listen and respond to any questions that they may be having. Again, involve them in the planning and packing process for a smoother transition.

2. Plan for mover services

Moving furniture and bulky household old items can be hectic. You risk damaging your valuables if you don’t move them appropriately. Search for a moving company in your state, and do this in advance. Compare different service providers, get quotes and look for great bargains. 

All in all, choose a company offering superior services and with experience to handle delicate appliances. The company should also be insured and should use the right supplies and moving equipment.

3. Design a memory log

 I presume you have memories of your home and neighborhood and won’t want to leave this behind. Take photos of the entire process and involve the kids in every step. Have the kids pack their favorite items and capture beautiful images. 

A farewell party is also a great idea. It will mark the climax of your departure and is a great way to bid your friends farewell. Take photos of your kids with their friends, and this will serve as great memories for years.

4. Tour the new place

Moving can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get caught in the process. No matter your busy schedule, create time and visit the new home with your kids before the move. This allows you to introduce them to the new neighborhood. Also, allow them time to play with other kids, have lunch in a nearby café or visit the nearest park. Doing this allows the kids to get used to the new environment.

5. Get them involved!

Kids may have different reactions to the move, but getting them involved goes a long way. Have the help in shopping for packing supplies, and let them choose colors for the sticky notes. Also, have them help in packing and cleaning the wardrobes and shelves.

If you’re planning for activities in your new home, have the kids choose them, the outfits, food& drinks. The idea here is to involve your kids in every step. They will feel more comfortable and enjoy the move.

In summary

Moving with kids can be hectic. But you can ease the process with proper planning. For a smoother move, book mover services early, pack right, and avoid the last-minute rush. Also, involve the kids and let them familiarize themselves with the new home before the big move.

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