How to Choose Quality Chanel Jewelry

When you shop for quality Chanel jewellery like earrings, necklaces, and watch, you may find it challenging to choose the best product. You should consider many factors when choosing your jewelry to ensure you stand out from the rest. Keep reading this post to find out how to tell if you have real Chanel earrings

Chanel jewelry was first introduced in Etienne de Beaumont and has been exclusively available to select Chanel stores. With the pandemic, most people are changing their investment ideas, and putting money on expensive jewellery has become a norm. Here is what to look for when shopping Coco Chanel jewellery.

The Early 50s

In the early 1950s, the typical Chanel jewelry was already going popular in the industry. There was a need to make the jewellery unique by coming up with a signature design. The signature on the jewelry was a stamp with the word “CHANEL.” in the early 1970s, the copyright marking began to show up in Chanel jewelry. 

When Coco Chanel passed, he left the mantle to Alain Wertheimer, who decided to introduce more signatures on the jewelry to make it more unique. He also introduced the country of origin of the jewellery as an identifier. 

Therefore, if you are looking for Chanel jewelry made in the early 60sand 70s, you should keep your eyes open to the signature and trademark. Look out for the phrase ‘Chanel CC Made in France.’ 

The letter “C” for Chanel and the official trademark should appear on the jewelry. If the signature and trademark do not appear, you might consider it a fake. Note that all the pieces produced during these years should be relatively heavier. 

The late 80s and 90s

In 1983, when Karl Lagerfeld took over the company, the head costume jewellery was handed over to Victoire de Castellane. He took part in making jewelry for the company, with every piece having a unique identifier. The pieces had special seasonal codes indicating the collection from which the jewelry came. The interlocking C was a popular identifier on each piece of Chanel jewelry at this time. 

The first letter of each corresponding season began to appear on the Channel jewelry collection when Castellane left the company. For instance, if the piece came from the spring collection, it would have a P for Printemps. 

 What to look for in the present day

Today, when you’re shopping for Chanel jewelry, you should not look further than the serial number, the official Chanel signature, and the karat of the metal. 

In most cases, the karat hallmarks are usually placed as discrete as possible on the piece. The jewelry you buy will probably have a karat marking on the inner side. You want to check your jewelry closely to find out if it is original.

In the Chanel jewelry collection, only platinum, white, and yellow gold colors are used in the making. Their finest diamonds would also follow the same criteria. When you choose your first set of Chanel jewelry, you should consider the facts we have shared here. 

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