Men’s Fashion Styles

Fashion refers to dressing according to trends or what is considered popular when choosing clothes. In this sense, we can say that fashion can be understood as an external force established by people who have greater social influence and who have decided what is good to wear. Men have different dressing styles depending on the moment’s fashion. You can also think of fashion as something temporary, a type of clothing that looks good to be worn for a certain amount of time.

In this article, we will tell you about the different types of men’s clothing styles and their characteristics, but first, let’s talk about the definition of fashion.

What is Fashion?

When we talk about the different clothing styles for men, it is enough to note that they are not pictures of models on catwalks, but men on the streets, doing all kinds of daily activities. Finding the best type of garment suiting each need is best. We have found that having your own style makes you look better according to your tastes and personality. Therefore, you can stay in style but without going overly trendy.

Sporty Style

Sports style for men refers to one in which comfort prevails. It is designed to comfortably perform all your physical activities while serving to project your style. The most important detail you should not consider in sports style is to wear the clothes you wear to the gym. This style combines comfort with sportswear with a casual touch that allows you to dress appropriately. Here’s how you can complete your daily tasks more comfortably yet stylishly.

The key pieces in this type of dress are tennis shoes (mostly white), bomber jackets and a cap. You can use items from famous brands, a factor with a lot of weight in the outfit. This is a more informal dress style and is recommended to be used in casual or informal codes.

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Biker Style

It is also known as the biker style, and it is this style that stands behind a set of principles that lead a life of freedom, rebellion and a pinch of anarchy. This is the basic style of clothing used by everyone who rides motorcycles. The simple fact that you ride a motorcycle does not make you a biker, but nothing prevents you from being able to use this unique style of dressing.

One of the main elements of this type of dressing style is the leather jacket, usually black. This is the most characteristic element. Also wear a checked shirt and some solid colour t-shirts. You can also use aviator sunglasses to complement your bike top gear.

City Style

As its name suggests, it is a style designed to create a life in the city and carry out activities related to the noise and bustle that this implies. This is also known as streetwear or street style, which allows you to combine comfort with practical clothes, generating a beautiful aesthetic. Basic pieces for this dressing style are jeans, trainers, cotton shirts and a good leather jacket.

Hippy Style

This style was born in the 40-the 50s and is a culture that is also expressed in the way of dressing. It is usually used for people who are nostalgic for the past and history and have a love for vintage. The hippy style has benefits such as recycling items, education, and environmental care. It can be said that the hipster style has the advantage of being a more environmentally conservative style.

The most representative elements of this dressing style are wearing glasses, even if you need graduation, plaid flannel shirts, scarves, blue jeans and military-style boots. You can also grow a well-groomed beard to style it completely.

Final Thoughts,

Style represents something of your interior and manifests through ingenuity and identity. Therefore, every person should have a style to emphasise their personality. Whether consciously or unconsciously, our particular way of dressing is a style. Some people take better care of their image and others who don’t, but the fact that you don’t care about your image and dress a certain way already makes it your style.

The way you look, the way you walk and even the way you stop when you talk to someone and communicate who you are and your personality is part of your style. So, if this image gives a lot of information about you, it is better to forge your style before following the fashion that others impose.

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