4 Brilliant Modern Home Decor Features Every Home Needs

Everybody wants to have a great-looking home to spend their downtime in and to host their guests in. Everything from the room’s colour scheme to what ornaments or wall displays you want to have, planning your home interior design down to the last detail is a great way to feel confident and comfortable in your home.

But modern design tends to change year on year, so it can be difficult to choose design features that’ll stay trendy. Well, for 2022, we have four brilliant modern home decor features that every home needs to look fashionable.

A Sleek Radiator

When you think of modern home design, your mind won’t necessarily wander to radiators – or any home heating solution. But they are a necessary part of any home and every room, and you need them to live in a comfortable home all year round, so they are unavoidable.

There are plenty of options that replace wall-mounted radiators, such as trench heating or underfloor heating. However, these kinds of heating options aren’t always a choice for some. Trench heating can look very out of place in certain living spaces such as main rooms or bedrooms.

On the other hand, underfloor heating may not be possible if you live in an apartment or flat complex. Usually, you’ll need to have a ground floor flat, bungalow, or house for this kind of heating.

But the modern radiator options are the ideal middle ground to keep your home décor looking stylish while still serving their functional purpose. You’d be surprised at the ample choice available in the radiator world, from infrared glass to custom colour radiators.

But don’t forget that radiator valves are also important to consider, not just for the functioning of the radiator, but for the style too. There’s no point having the perfect radiator with a mismatched valve. Be sure to put just as much care and attention into selected a valve for your radiator as you do for the radiator unit itself.

Furnishings With Curves

In 2022, curves had worked their way back onto the scene. Furniture that uses spherical or oval-shaped corners or smooth curve-like surfaces is all the rage. You’ll see coffee tables carved from ovals or consoles with sleek, spherical corners in a unique blend of post-modernist minimalism and futurism.

This style tends to tie in well with neo-traditional, mid-century modern and even Streamline Moderne aesthetics, making them ideal for those who have been modelling their homes with the times.

Specific features that have found popularity are coffee and side tables, chairs, and any ‘hard’ furniture that doesn’t use fabrics or cushioning as a part of its design. Generally, fabrics and cushions are kept to a minimum in this style, so if you like these features, use them sparingly.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is nothing new and has been around for quite some time. But specific types of LED lighting are becoming more and more popular, especially in 2022, for creating wonderfully lit modern spaces.

When used with natural light sources, these LED strip lights can highlight your home’s best features and your room’s focal points – even during the day. When used during the day, they can provide a soft back glow, and when used during the night, they can offer a very creative way to light your home.

The best bit about this kind of LED lighting is that it is fairly easy to install; if you rent, you won’t need landlord permission, and they can be removed with ease too. They also use less power than conventional light bulbs and plug straight into a wall socket.

Alternatively, you can replace traditional lightbulb lamps with LED lamps to keep your lighting consistent and energy efficient.

Minimalistic Colour Themes

To top it all off, keeping your colours minimalistic is the best option for most modern home decor designs. It allows your home decor to speak for itself by providing a somewhat ‘blank’ canvas against which it can be displayed.

However, minimalist doesn’t need to mean dull. Plenty of options for minimalist colour themes look striking and attractive. For example, using a soft beige and contrasting it with geometric lines with a darker shade (such as navy or black) can keep things neutral but simple.


Your home is what you make it. There’s an abundance of home design ideas to create wonderful spaces that any homeowner would be proud to call theirs.

However, it is important that you don’t lose sight of your creative vision for your home. After all, you will be the one living in it.

Use these suggestions as a springboard to begin looking into home decor that can elevate your spaces.

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