What Should You Do if Your Eyesight is Deteriorating?

Whether you find that your eyesight is deteriorating with age or you have always had problems with your vision, noticing your eyesight decreasing significantly can be worrying, especially if you use screens and electronics a lot. If this is the case, here are some of the steps that you should take if your sight has started to worsen in 2023.

Get Reading Glasses

If you find that you can go about your daily business without any noticeable interruption from your vision, and yet you struggle to read or perform close-up work without a headache, this could mean that you are in need of reading glasses. Reading glasses can improve cases of short-sightedness and are designed to be taken on and off according to the activity that you are performing. You do not even have to book an appointment with an optician to buy some reading glasses for yourself. Instead, if you know what strength glasses you need, it is possible to order these online through websites such as just-glasses.co.uk. This will allow you to easily enjoy the activities you love and work without finding it difficult to read the small print.

Take Breaks

If your eyesight is struggling, and you notice that you are starting to develop blurred vision and headaches after screen use, you should make sure that you take extended breaks from using a computer or phone throughout the day. Although this can be difficult, as so much of your life is now on your phone, by taking your eyes off the blue light emanating from your screen, you will be able to minimize eye strain, which can start to factor into your poor vision in the long-term. You might also spend these breaks following the 20-20-20 rule, as this can relieve your eyes and ensure they do not tire quickly.

Visit Your Optician

Even if you believe that the deterioration in your vision is completely normal, it is important that you speak to a professional about this. Not only can they check the health of your eyes, but they will also be able to give you a prescription that can help you to return to 20/20 vision by wearing spectacles or contact lenses. They will also be able to check for issues such as lazy eyes and astigmatism, which can make it harder for you to perceive depth and can lead to one of your eyes relying totally on the other. If you struggle with dry eyes, your optician may also be able to recommend eye drops and gel tears to you, as well as give you eye exercises that could help.

Get Vitamins

There are also many vitamins and nutrients that can help you care for your eyes and vision, especially if your sight is suffering due to dry eyes. For instance, you might consider taking vitamin A, E, and C supplements and trying supplements that contain blueberry, which is known to increase the strength of the vessels in your eye. You might also change your diet to accommodate blueberries and other eyesight superfoods.

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