What are the Top Student Accommodations in the UK?

The United Kingdom has various high-quality living quarters specifically designed for students. The previous years have seen a substantial increase in the quality of University Accommodation in the UK, and the range of Student Halls offered to students has never been higher or more extensive. The apartment a student chooses to reside in during their time at university can affect their overall educational experience. This is because there are many other things to think about, such as how to balance the academic workload, and if a student should undergo any academic stress, then at least they should have a good apartment to find rest.

When choosing UK student accommodation, accessibility, housing value, and financial commitment are important. Selecting rentals can be daunting, but with assistance, one can make the best choice. Some websites simplify the search for student accommodation in the UK. Before the start of the academic year, it’s usual for students to source for apartments to rent, and on that note, provides various housing listings for students in London. Rental websites simplify the housing adventure for students in search of accommodation. Making housing choices will depend on factors like their financial capacity alongside other factors. This guide to student housing in the UK covers topics on how to find accommodation for students in the UK and costs.

How Much is Accommodation for International Students in UK?

Regarding housing costs for International students in the UK, there are variations. Major characteristics include location, type of housing, moving factors, and duration of stay. On-campus living is cheaper than private accommodation at several schools. A student may incorporate utilities and other fees while calculating their stay budget. University resident hall and apartment rentals are £535 to £6,420 per month or academic year. Compared to renting university-owned housing, the cost of renting privately-owned student housing may be around £596 each semester or £7,152 per year on average. It is vital to note that these costs differ from one region of the UK to another, alongside the specific area.

How to Find Accommodation for Students in UK?

Finding accommodation for students in the UK is easier with proper guidance. So, here are some simple ways to find UK student housing:

1. Research

Research is key for finding the best housing options. If one knows which part of the city they want to live in and the options, it will be easier to discover housing. Students can begin their search online at their convenience since many helpful resources are available, including websites devoted to housing in the UK. They can study the pattern of rent increases and decreases to understand the areas that might be more convenient and conducive for them. Additionally, they can ask family and friends or participate in online student forums to ask other students who have already been through this experience.

2. Check the University  

Checking with the school is the first thing a student can do because they can have some approved or suggested housing choices. In this case, the universities determine the cost of student accommodation, and most institutions provide a diverse selection of living arrangements. Students can check the university’s website for on-campus housing information before calling the university. They can investigate the application process and eligibility conditions. Also, they can contact the university’s housing office or its office for international students if there is no information concerning on-campus accommodations.

3. Location

The location of the student accommodation is important. It can affect rent and students’ living cost, but it also lets students select where to live. They can look for an apartment as close to their school as humanly practical. This is to make it easy for students to easily access their institution alongside major areas in the city. Students who commute to school should find a place with handy public transportation and bike routes.

4. Use an Accommodation Agency

A student also has the choice of contacting a student housing agency to assist them in locating the ideal apartment to live in. If renting in the private sector, they must make payments directly to the landlord or the estate agency. Due to the slightly higher costs associated with this accommodation, some students rent a house together and divide the entire monthly payment between themselves. However, they always have the option to live alone if they need more privacy. It also offers greater flexibility regarding where one wants to reside.


In summary, there are many living options for students in the UK. These types of lodgings include those that provide a selection of amenities, such as private bathrooms and shared kitchens in the flats, and those in beautiful areas of the city or country. Students must conduct adequate research to locate a housing option that caters to their educational and personal requirements alongside financial capacity. This way, they can feel confident that they will find a wonderful place to call home while pursuing their education.

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