Vital Things You Should Know About The Megaminx

Megaminx cube is one of the most challenging puzzles in existence. It challenges players to create a solid color scheme on all 12 faces by rotating the outer layers while keeping its center fixed so that only one face remains at a time. You can find this puzzle from online shops like

Let’s talk about what you should know before attempting to solve this masterful brain teaser.

What’s Megaminx Cubes?

The Megaminx was created in the early 1970s. The game aims to place each of its twelve colored tiles in their correct position according to color and then shuffle them around until all sides have been solved. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for someone who has never played before, but it becomes easier with more practice.

Megaminx Variations

There are many variations of the Megaminx that people enjoy. The most common variation is called “The Fused Megaminx.” This easy-to-learn puzzle has 12 pieces that you can solve in a few seconds with just one algorithm. 

Another popular variation is the Rubik’s Revenge, which was created to improve the original cube design by adding extensions for each centerpiece. These centerpieces help to prevent accidents caused when two adjacent faces are turned simultaneously. These improvements led to higher-level puzzles such as the Spring Cube (also known as “Skewb”).

Megaminx Records

The world record time for a single solve of the Megaminx is 22.74 seconds, set by Tomoya Adachi on 13 September 2018 in Yokohama, Japan. His average of five solves was 23.77 seconds, and he also holds the second-best official average (23.96).

Number Of Combinations

You can solve Megaminx puzzles in 17 different ways, which is a lot more than the Rubik’s Cube. While you may think that would make it easier, the difficulty of solving the puzzle comes from its size and complexity.

A megaminx has 20 faces on each side and a total of 80 pieces to assemble onto those 20 squares. This means there are over 800 possible combinations before even rotating them or looking at colors. That makes this puzzle one of the most challenging puzzles out there.

In comparison, there are only six sides to work on for a cube, but 30 edges around each face, so as long as someone knows what they’re doing, then it’s a lot less complicated. The Megaminx is more of an expert puzzle than something for someone just starting.

Its difficulty comes from the slight differences in each side and how it can be solved on that face. So, you have to know all 80 pieces before solving one side and then moving onto the next. If you solve three sides, you’re on your way up through different levels of complexity since there are only two possible combinations for those faces until they’re rotated or flipped upside down.

Some exciting shapes around the outside edge look like flowers when turned and help memorize where certain edges go, making it easier to get back into this tricky puzzle.

Summing Up

The Megaminx is a great puzzle for any puzzler. It’s more challenging than the Rubik’s cube and therefore requires more patience, perseverance, and focus to solve. 

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