Top 7 Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Even when compared to lesser options like fibreglass insulation, the price of spray foam insulation sometimes seems prohibitive to many homebuyers. It is true that fibreglass is less expensive, but the trade-off is that it would be less effective and much less energy efficient, especially in the bitterly cold climate of winter. 

Many homeowners wonder, “How can you make your house warmer?” It doesn’t matter if you live in a cold climate or a hot climate, keeping your house warm is essential. Spray Foam Insulation is a great current product for this. Isocyanate & polyol resin are the main ingredients in this substance. It provides good thermal insulation for such homes when sprayed upon place. 

An insulation specialist was brought in to discuss the advantages of spray foam insulation, as well as the many types of insulation available and where spray foam insulation is being used. 

There are many electrical circuits in the average home today, but they don’t account for the majority of a home’s energy use. This includes everything from large-screen TVs to sound systems to track lighting to security cameras to toasters to dough mixers to a variety of smartphones to laptop computers to tablets to the personal computer. It’s the single most effective way at the same time. 

In addition, what are the benefits of employing this type of insulation? 

Seven main advantages of closed-cell spray foam insulation are listed here: 

1.An effective insulator 

The extensive nature of closed-cell spray foam gun makes it superior to all other solutions when it comes to efficiently sealing all nooks and crannies. In terms of R-value every inch, it’s the best available. 

2. Amazing Energy Saver

Closed-cell spray foam offers a great air barrier and therefore is particularly energy-efficient since it covers all the nooks and corners. Up to a 50% reduction in energy consumption can be achieved with the use of closed-cell spray foam. 

3. Crawl space leaks 

If your roof or crawl space leaks or has gaps, closed-cell spray foam insulation provides an airtight seal that other insulation methods can’t. One of the most common causes of high energy costs is air leakage. Unlike other forms of insulation, spray foam provides a tight seal that’s also 24 stronger and more resistant to air intrusion. 

4. A Waterproofing Barrier 

More for air, holes or fractures in the walls and crawl areas might be a gateway for intruders. If these places aren’t properly sealed, water & moisture can find their way in. Water cannot pass through spray foam insulation. In other words, not only would it seal & guard against airborne humidity & leaks, but it does not absorb moisture as other substances do, if flooding occurs. 

5. Prevents the growth of mould 

Mold and germs can’t grow on spray foam since the polymer it’s made of is completely inert. Mold and mildew are adequately insulated in houses insulated using closed cell spray foam. 

6. Long life span 

Because spray foam is made of an inert polymer, its duration is indefinite. There is no need to re-insulate for decades after installing spray foam insulation. It maintains its peak performance for a long time. 

7. Ecologically sound 

Spray foam reduces energy usage, making it easier to live in a more environmentally friendly home. It resists mold & moisture growth and therefore is built to endure a long time, resulting in fewer materials being spent in the process. 

Let’s take a look at the big picture –

In terms of energy savings & comfort, spray foam insulation might make a big impact. As a result of their training, all of our surveyors are capable of identifying any existing dampness in your attic & demonstrating the advantages of spray foam insulation. You have nothing more to lose by contacting us for a free loft inspection.

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