Pergola vs. Gazebo: Which is Best for Your Backyard

When thinking about your backyard, you have a plethora of options available, with pergolas and gazebos as the main ones. Before running on looking for ways to build one, you need to understand their differences both structurally and aesthetically.

While gazebos can be dated way back to the Egyptian structures, pergolas are a bit modern. This is just one of the differences between a pergola and a gazebo. There are some significant differences between the two that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. 

Read on as we expound more on these two designs and finally help you choose the best one for your backyard. With the information below, you will be in a position to decide which structure is perfect for your backyard.

A Pergola

As we mentioned, a pergola is way more modern when compared to gazebos. They were first used in the medieval era in the 1640s. The word pergola has a Latin origin which means projecting eave. A pergola is less cluttered, making it more elegant than a gazebo. 

If the main purpose of the pergola is shade, then it might have a full roof or a retractable one. However, many pergolas only have a partial shade with spaciously laid intermittent beams on top.

Roofless pergolas may have some aesthetic plants hanging to enhance the cover, especially if the targeted ambiance is that of natural aesthetics. A pergola may be freestanding or supported by the structure of the main house.

A Gazebo

Gazebos, as we earlier mentioned, have been around for a longer time than pergolas. They were found in many garden plans that dated back to 1400 BC in Egypt. Gazebos have therefore been used for a long time as a place to relax, enjoying the view of a beautiful scene. 

Structurally, gazebos come in a polygon with either 6 or  8 sides. The sides are sometimes open to the air, have full walls but large windows, or have railings. A gazebo also has a raised floor giving a better vantage over the view. The roof often mimics the roof design of the main houses but is obviously smaller than the main house.

The gazebo floor is raised to ensure that the gazebo floor will always be dry, even in the wettest weather.

A gazebo has an overall look as that of a Victorian garden. It is also ornate and heavily layered, just the same way the dresses at that time were tailored.

Gazebo vs. Pergola: the Differences

The main difference between a gazebo and a Pergola is the roofing. While pergolas may have partial or no roofing at all, gazebos are fully fitted with a roof. The roof of a gazebo, as we mentioned earlier, is built mainly to mimic or complement the roofing of the main house. While a gazebo blocks sunlight inside, a pergola will allow some sunlight inside through the spaces on the roof. 

A pergola does not have many decorations as in the case of a gazebo. A gazebo has layers around it that make it look like the dresses at the time. 

Without forgetting about the flooring, both of these may have a raised floor, but a gazebo is built with the ground raised. A pergola’s flooring, however, may depend on the roofing of the house.

Pergola vs. Gazebo: Which One is the Best For Your Backyard?

Both of these are great backyard structure options that you can choose from.  So which one do you think is the best for you?

If you are looking for a place to unwind, whether it’s sunny or raining, a shaded place is the best for you. Both a pergola and a gazebo offer shade and protection from environmental elements.

Also, consider if you want to observe the aesthetic beauty of your backyard or when you want to bring your friends over. Take time in your backyard and try to envision what you wish your backyard to look like.

If you are thinking about your pockets, a pergola is usually less compared to a gazebo. However, some people will prefer to build their own gazebos with their families as their handymen.

If you feel you are into a pergola, but the shaded part turns you around, you could consider looking for a cover that will act as a shade. You could also consider building a pergola with a partial shade.

Whether a pergola or a gazebo for the backyard, make sure that you choose a structure that will beautify your backyard and still serve you with a shade to unwind.

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