Tips to Choose the Right Utility Pole Inspectors

Different electric utilities are placed on the roads. These utilities are the sign of better life of the facilities that already exist while the safety level is well maintained. However, at times, there could be a situation that utilities could face some serious issues. Aging wood poles can be a common problem. That is why it is always better to get the utility pole inspection done by the expert to ensure the budgetary maintenance requirements are met.

In the mid of 1990s, there was a significant emergence of cable television, telecommunication, and even wireless careers in the United States focused on expanding the market by attaching cables and equipment to the utility poles. Unfortunately, the also-in-service wooden poles were not meant for such additional work and could not be overloaded. That is why utility pile inspection was started to make sure the poles are not being loaded beyond the original factor of the safety limit.

Good training:

While choosing the right utility pole inspection expert, a training program if done by the expert should be considered. This job requires careful understanding and knowledge and for which different training programs are conducted. In such a program, the officer is trained to understand how good quality should be recognized. Certainly, assigning the inspection task to someone with comprehensive experience and training can be a stress-free thing to do.


It is good to check if the expert has the right insurance coverage for the work they shall be performing. It is only such experts who do this risky job regularly and hence they need to be well covered. Considering the health and safety perspective, this point should be the crucial one during the selection.

Tools to be used:

Utility pole inspection can be done either with non-destructive or destructive tools. The choice of using the tools is entirely the inspector’s decision. But know whether the priority of the expert is to understand whether the fiber strength of the wood is lost or the wood seems to be overloaded. Consider all options they use for the inspection because simply testing with the hammer sound is not efficient. There are some of the other measures that can be used without damaging the pole at all. If the expert prefers safe choices, then the person can be reliable.


If the right utility pole inspection is chosen, at least one can rest assured that there will not be any risk to the health of anyone passing by it. Besides, extreme weather conditions and old age of the wood are some of the common reasons that could create pressure on the utility pole. If the strength of the fiver is not good as that of the nominal value, then it can be trouble too. It is better to get the inspection done by the expert using the tips shared abide to rest assured that new utility poles and the existing ones can have a better lifespan.

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