Guide To Choosing Replacement Thermostat

When the type of thermostat they are looking for is known they can start exploring all the options available. The thermostat should be compatible with the home in which it is used.

For any problems that might occur for using or starting the machine, there are options and help available in the Wattmaster system manager that is available on the internet and can be found in the booklet that is provided along with the purchase.

Types of thermostats available

There are three main types of thermostats and depending on the kind of thermostat they require they can opt for one.

1. Manual Thermostats

These types of thermostats are also called mechanical or non-programmable thermostats. These are the most basic type of thermostats as per the standard mentioned in Wattmaster system manager.

They are further divided into two subtypes namely Digital and Analog.

2. Programmable Thermostats

They can be programmed in order to save money and energy. They can save up to $180 per year according to the government.

They can tell the thermostat HVAC when to turn on or off or to what temperature it has to be set depending on the home temperature.

3. Smart Thermostats

They are the best variety in terms of connectivity and comfort. As the name suggests they are smart and can be controlled with the help of a computer, tablet, or phone and can adjust the temperature at home even when they are away from the home.

Features that are there on smart thermostats

These are the main features that are available on the smart thermostats and can be managed with the help of the Wattmaster system manager.

  • They have a touch screen display making them easy to use.
  • They can understand and act according to the instructions given using voice commands
  • They will alert when there is dirty air in the room
  • People can program depending on their schedules for various days like weekends, weekdays, and even vacation days.

Selecting a specific model of thermostat after checking the Wattmaster system manager

Before buying the replacement thermostat it is important to check if the thermostat is compatible with the system by checking these points

●      It should be compatible with the system’s voltage. Most of the thermostats will work with a low voltage system.

●      The location of the wall on which it should be fixed

●      The heating and cooling stages or speeds that the system has in the home.

  • 1 – stage: In this, the system works at full speed or it will be off.
  • 2 – stage: In this, the system works at either HIGH speed or at LOW speed
  • Variable speed: The system can increase or decrease the cooling or heating levels depending on the requirement at that specific moment.


Any HVAC expert can help in installing the thermostat and once installed the Wattmaster system manager can help in the smooth working and maintaining the thermostat as per the home conditions.

Proper installation results in reducing any malfunctions, any discomfort that might be caused when not installed properly. Expensive repairs after a few days and sometimes excessive bills that might not be the case when installed properly.

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