How to Have a Fantastic Wedding on a Budget

So, you are engaged! Firstly, congratulations. Secondly, you have come to the right place for tips on how to have the perfect wedding on a budget.

With the average wedding in 2020 in the United States costing $20,300, it is no surprise that many couples are trying to stick to a budget when it comes to tying the knot. The good news is that there are many areas where you can save money but still have the perfect day. Below are a few ideas.

Visit a Bridal Show

The good folks at SoCal Bridal Show & Expo, say that there are plenty of savings to be had by attending a bridal show. The vendors in attendance will be trying to secure your business and will more than likely have a few offers and discounts to get you to book.

Send a Digital Invitation

Invitations can be very expensive, so you can do away with them totally by sending a digital invitation instead. This can be done through social media or email, and it will also give you the chance to design your own invitation. It is also better for the environment. A digital invitation can include details about the various wedding events such as the bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, day-after brunch, etc. You can also include information about hotel rooms and any transport you may be providing.

Consider a Weekday Wedding

With weekend weddings so popular, many hotels offer fantastic packages to brides and grooms willing to have a weekday wedding instead. You can get a better price on the venue hire as well as the food and drink if you choose the scintillating effect of the wedding sparklers to get married during the week.

Keep Your Guest List Small

This can be a tough one but the fewer people you invite, the less you are going to spend on the wedding. You might need to be ruthless with your guest list and keep it to close family members and friends. With some weddings costing around $62 per head on average for catering, cutting the numbers down can help you to make considerable savings.

Shop Around for the Dress

There are many ways to save on the cost of the dress; one way is to look at last season’s styles. Online stores often have fantastic deals on last season’s dresses, and many bridal stores heavily discount older stock to make way for new gowns. Look for your dress in the sales and you can pick up a real bargain. You can even find some stores that rent wedding dresses, which will save you a lot of money.

Make Your Own Cake

You do not need to have an elaborate cake that costs hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. If you are good at baking, you could consider making your own. Maybe you have a friend or a family member who would be willing to do this job? You can find fabulous recipes and tutorials online as well as stores where you can buy everything you need to create a stunning cake.

Use Your Own Items Where You Can

You do not need to hire expensive cars for the big day. It would be much cheaper to have your own car valeted and ask a friend to drive you to the venue.

It is likely that your close friends and family members have a multitude of talents that you can utilize on the day. For example, you might know a keen photographer or a budding live wedding 
or DJ who would be willing to do their bit to help you have a 
fantastic day without breaking the bank.

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