8 Important Questions That you Must Ask Your Wedding Florist

Discovering the right florist for your wedding day can be more challenging than finding the perfect dress for your wedding. Several factors need to be considered while finalizing your wedding florist as they play the most crucial part in your wedding planning. Hiring service from a misleading wedding florist might ruin your wedding preparations and affect your mood to the next level. You would not want your florist to spoil the best day of your life and leave negative impressions on your guest. 

Therefore, it is always an ideal decision to ask relevant questions to your wedding florist before finalizing your service. Asking questions can help you learn the true intentions of your service providers and save your money from getting invested in the wrong hands. If you are unaware of the questions that can help you find the best wedding florist near you, then continue reading this article. 

Here are some most vital questions you should consider asking before hiring services from a wedding florist for your big day. 

1. How would you describe your wedding Décor? 

It is significant to know whether your aesthetic matches with the florist or not. Hiring services from a florist that has similar preferences as yours can help you create the most breathtaking visuals for your wedding decor. If their aesthetics or decor style fails to match yours, you can consider looking for alternate options. 

2. How many years of experience do you have in this industry? 

You should only consider hiring services from experienced and knowledgeable florists out there. The more experienced, the better will be their services. You should not go for a wedding florist with less than five years of experience in the industry. 

3. Can I see samples of your work? 

At times, many wedding florists make fake promises and mislead their customers. Asking for their sample work or work from previous clients can help you determine whether their services are reliable or not. If needed, you can also reach out to their previous customers to gather the utmost knowledge and information about their services. 

4. What types of flowers do you recommend for my wedding? 

A genuine and reputable florist will always recommend high-quality and trending flowers for your wedding decor. They will know what types of flowers are more suitable for the season you are planning to get married to, depending on your budget preferences. 

5. Can I cancel my services at any time? 

Uncertain and unexpected situations can arise anytime. If you cannot get married on the said date due to certain reasons, you should know what options are available for you. Ask for the extra charges they will be charging for cancellations and what other options you can opt for. 

6. Do you have a minimum spend? 

A reputable florist will generally not have any minimum spend. They will offer you services as per your needs and preferences. However, in case there is a minimum spend, then you should check whether it fits your budget or not. Avoid spending excessive amounts or dealing with unnecessary expenses. 

7. How will you deliver flowers to my wedding location? 

Most misleading and fraudulent service providers don’t disclose their transportation means. On the day of delivery, they either charge extra money for the services or fail to deliver your order on time in good condition. You should learn about the transportation method before finalizing your services to avoid such issues. 

8. Are you available on my wedding day? 

Most wedding florists tend to take orders for more than one wedding venue in a day. They might finish their work as quickly as possible and rush to another wedding venue. You should state your priorities beforehand to avoid last-minute chaos on your wedding day. 

Once you are satisfied with their responses, you can move ahead to ask about their charges. Consider hiring services from service providers that offer services at affordable and reasonable rates. 

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