Help! How to Choose a Reliable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Companies in London When There Are So Many of Them?

Many of us take pride in our homes since our home reflects how well we keep our lives organized.  In our daily lives, we often see how the ‘other half’ lives.  We can get envious of celebrities and famous people who are living in big, beautiful, expensive, massive, comforting mansions and then we as observers can do whatever it takes to obtain a similar feeling in our own home. In short, we want to have the same luxury in our homes whilst maintaining our own comforting space by utilizing carpet and upholstery cleaning companies.

A clean home is a great home, and we can help you sort out the ways to choose a carpet and upholstery cleaning company.  Searching for the best carpet and upholstery cleaning companies will help you make that important decision.

When we hear the old adage, “Home is where the Heart is”, we can begin to understand that a clean home is the center anchor of our lives. Many couples grow old together in the same home for 60 or more years while other families may move once or more per year.  Students going off to university for the first time may devote little time to cleaning and seem to accumulate dirt and grime. A home has many reasons for people–to keep all our precious belongings in one place, to cook our meals, to keep our pets, to relax after a long hard day of work, to raise our children and family, and to enjoy spending time with extended family and friends. 

The Importance of Being Clean

Purchasing a home can be one of the largest investments a family will ever make. If we all lived in a plain white harsh box, no one would be able to fulfill the required need for human comfort and safety.  Softening the home with a variety of fabrics, carpeting, and upholstery becomes a requirement for us to feel safe in our own home. 

Taking pride by decorating the living spaces isn’t always “keeping up with the Joneses”.  Carpets and upholstery fabrics in our homes—while beautiful and keep us feeling a sense of peace, tranquility, and security—harbor many allergens including dust, dirt, bodily odors, pet odors, pet dander, food, and drink spills.  For many children and adults suffering with environmental causes, the upkeep with allergy-causing materials can be alarming and expensive.

Your home is our own personal comfort and safety zone, giving an escape from the sometimes-chaotic world.  I’m sure you can relate that having a clean home is essential to living a well-designed life. In recent years since the Covid 19 pandemic, having a clean home has become more and more important.  Allergies and asthma are of concern to many parents, so it is necessary to keep a clean home–and most importantly to keep our carpets and upholstery as clean as possible. Read about the rise of asthma and allergies here.

Tips in Choosing a Reliable Cleaner in London

Having a reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning company here in London is something we can all agree on. Since many families are busy and, on the go, there is little time for keeping up the cleaning needs in our homes.  We all need a reliable and effective cleaning contractor. Navigating the cleaning company choices can be challenging for working families. 

When searching for an upholstery and carpet cleaner in greater London, there are several tips that we could keep in mind.

Find a Trustworthy Company

First, find a company that offers Pre-work Estimates for desired services. Try to ensure that your desired contractor will service your area or region.  Nothing can be worse than finding a company that you want to hire, and they are too far out of your service area.  

It is important to never just hire a contractor immediately upon a meeting.  Be wary of a cleaning company that won’t provide references or wants you to hire them without checking their references for prior jobs completed. Making sure the contractor is licensed, insured, and has no major issues with their service record is also important. 

Check the Company’s Performance

Second, ask for photos or other references of previous work performed.  You will want to see the quality of a contractor’s work and the types of work performed.  This will allow you to determine if the contractor is capable of handling specialty types of upholstery and carpeting, especially if you have wool rugs or silk draperies. 

Reviews on social media are helpful but be wary if the online reviews are all negative or there is no history of jobs performed.  Also know that online reviews aren’t always true to how the work experience actually was. Check out this page:  Many contractors will ask if a client state lots of overly nice praise.  Some contractors have even solicited friends or family to post erroneous reviews. So, we should be wary of checking those.


Last, make sure to show your contractor respect and not be overly demanding.  They have busy schedules and lots of customers they service.  No cleaning contractor will want to work with a difficult customer in the long term, so it is important to be aware of the time it takes for the cleaning crew to do a thorough job.  Of course, many companies want to make their customers happy by preventing any accidents or by causing any unnecessary damage.  A great contractor will fix and ensure the cleaning work is to their client’s satisfaction.


Do not worry, there are plenty of reputable carpet and upholstery cleaning companies in your local London area that are reliable and reasonable.  Understand these simple guidelines that will help you get the most satisfaction from your desired results.  Follow the pointers outlined above and most importantly, make your best judgment.  If a cleaning company’s prices are not in your budget or something just seems off with a contractor you have interviewed, you know your needs the best and make sure to follow any alarms.  But do not overthink or over worry, your contractor is a professional and will do the best job possible for you.

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