Bathroom Shower Remodeling Trends

If you plan to freshen up or improve the appearance of your bathroom, gather inspiration. Browse through pictures of trendy bathroom styles and save the best ideas for the next project. Even if full updates aren’t in your fixed budget, you may still try out the following remodeling trends for bathroom showers:

1. Mirror Upgrades

These days, modern bathrooms come with new mirrors. Almost ¾ of homeowners install mirrors as part of bathroom remodeling projects.

Technological update is part of what is driving this change, with over 23% of survey respondents opting for mirrors with LED lights and another 20% going for mirrors with anti-fog functionalities.

2. Colorful Sinks

A colorful sink has made a major comeback this year. One of the major trends people are seeing is colorful, non-traditional sinks.

Using bright colors for powder room sinks is the most effective way to improve design and elevate small rooms. You can pair your colorful sink with new bold paint to create a jewel box and add more drama.

3. Glass Shower Hardware

Glass is becoming a common and popular material for creating different structures in an office or home, varying from partitions and railings to shower doors.

To ensure the style, durability, and functionality of these structures, investing in quality glass shower door hardware products is key. Some of the products you can use include:

  • Brackets
  • Frameless hinges
  • Door clips
  • Door pull
  • Door knob

4. Scandinavian Simple

Scandinavian designs are praised for their unique minimalist approach and unique simplicity. They heed the notion that ‘less means more.’

However, this doesn’t mean that you should get rid of all accessories in your bathroom. Just consider adding several pieces of Zen-inspired décor to bring a relaxing mood to the space.

Schemes for Zen-inspired color may include a combination of gray, brown, or black. You can always use these colors on your floor, ceiling, and walls. White walls with black hardware and red paneling can as well create a sense of purity, cleanliness, and serenity.

5. Wall-Mounted Lighting

Less doesn’t mean more in lighting matters. As a matter of fact, the more, the better. That said, wall lighting has also made a strong comeback this year.

Instead of installing lights as the main lighting in the room, choose a location where it can serve as decorative bathroom elements, such as a piece of artwork. As for the choice of material and color, warm-tone materials, like brass, copper, and brushed gold, will be better.

6. Vertical Spas and Double Showers

A double shower head can maximize your space and guarantee a great experience that won’t leave your body freezing once you shower. Separate showers and two-person showers are also gaining more popularity. Whirlpools offer therapeutic massage, but vertical spas are a better way of getting full-body massage in the shower.

Final Touches

Whether you want to handle small projects, such as repainting walls, or complex ones, like adding refrigeration for creams and medicines, improving your bathroom has become much easier. Adding a lux factor and, at the same time, remaining eco-conscious can as well come in handy in improving your bathroom space.

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