Your real estate agent will be the person you work with and communicate with the most during the selling or purchasing of your house. This individual will serve as your right hand, a source of support, and an authority while buying and selling a house. Therefore, you should choose a real estate agent that best suits your requirements, and they will represent you in your search for a suitable buyer for your house and the ideal property within your budget.

So, how can a buyer or seller select the most suitable agent for the circumstances? It’s important to know what questions to ask a real estate agent when you initially meet.

Which Neighborhoods and Types of Properties Are Your Areas of Expertise?

This is the first interview question when looking for potential Charlotte, NC Realtors. It does not matter if you’re searching for townhouses, condos, or single-family homes; the real estate agent should have previous expertise in buying or selling these properties. You can uncover the greatest possibilities with an agent specializing in the location and type of property you want. Additionally, a specialist agent can be more able to locate new listings before you do or swiftly forward them to other realtors, providing you with an advantage.

For What Duration Have You Held a Real Estate Agent License?

It’s critical to know how much experience and time this particular agent has put into the position. Generally, seasoned agents have more contacts and are better informed about the industry. Eight years of working in real estate is an ideal realtor’s experience.

How Did You Determine the Price You Suggested?

When selling a house, the agent should show you a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) during your appointment. This is a comparative analysis that your prospective realtor will create between your property and the top-performing recently sold homes. Some estate agents typically provide highly ambiguous analysis if they cannot support their advised price. For instance, they may show you a few recently sold properties, but they won’t explain how they determined the price. You should get a detailed home comparison with every recently sold property.

What Are the Expected Costs?

You can compare the service costs of the real estate agent you are interviewing with those of others by asking about the charges during your initial appointment. The commission will be one of the closing fees. Additional closing charges include rates and taxes, attorney fees, certificates of compliance, and bond cancellation fees (if applicable).

Which Industry Resources and Professional Relationships Do You Have?

Asking the agent this question could disclose whether or not they belong to the National Association of Realtors or another association for real estate. The agent’s involvement in professional organizations and membership demonstrate their high level of engagement and knowledge of recent advancements in the field.

Do You Have a List of Testimonials or Referrals I Could Contact?

It’s standard procedure to request referrals from prospective real estate agents during interviews. You should find out how their previous encounters with clients went. It can be a warning sign if they decline to provide any recommendations.


It is important to ask potential realtors as many questions as you can to ensure you make an informed decision.

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