Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions (and Their Answers)

If you have never been arrested or accused of committing a crime before, it may be confusing, and you might not know the proper steps; This is when you wish you knew your rights to secure your freedom. Being criminally charged does not mean you have to be arrested for significant crimes. Even minor crime like violating traffic rules or driving under the influence is categorized as crimes. It is crucial to know various things about criminal defense to know what to do. CVC 22356 is a code that states that drivers must obey posted speed limits. The maximum speed limit in most areas is 70 miles per hour, so drivers must be careful not to exceed this limit. Here are common questions people ask in such situations.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Whether you have been charged or are under the process of investigation, it is crucial to have a lawyer by your side. A DC criminal lawyer will help you know what you should do or not do. Hiring a lawyer does not mean you are guilty. Instead, it is a way of protecting yourself, considering that you are already charged or a suspect. If you don’t have any experience with criminal law, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to represent you. The sooner you get the attorney, the more time you have to prepare for defense. It is vital to call a criminal defense attorney Kentucky or look for one since criminal charges can be disastrous. 

How Do I Find a Qualified Lawyer?

When looking for a criminal defense attorney, you will come across thousands of them all over the internet. Look for a Fairfax criminal lawyer with enough experience and skills to defend you. While at it, consider the following factors.


You can know if an attorney is experienced by the number of years in business and the number of successful cases they have handled. Knowledge is gained through the years and handling different criminal cases. Ask questions and look at their profile to know if they have adequate experience.


You may want to save money now that you don’t know what lies ahead. However, going for a cheap lawyer is a dire mistake you should never make. You will get what you pay for; Therefore, hire a lawyer who charges reasonably if you want the best representation and increases your chances of winning.


You will be dealing with the expert from the beginning to the end of the case. Therefore, you need someone you can relate with well and someone who is an excellent communicator. A great lawyer will put your interest at heart and work diligently to help you win the case.

What Happens When Arrested for DUI?

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, you can refuse to take the test, but this may be a violation of the law. If you refuse, the officer may seize your driver’s license. If this happens, contact your Fairfax DUI lawyer. Refusing the test does not mean you will not be convicted. It only conceals the evidence. Therefore, if an officer has pulled you over and you have been charged with DUI, we strongly recommend calling your lawyer.

Wrapping It Up!

These are common questions people ask, especially when convicted of a crime. It is vital to call a criminal defense lawyer or look for one since criminal charges can be disastrous. Know what to do and how to win your way out of the charges with qualified criminal defense lawyers.

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