5 Ways To Go Alcohol-Free

After a long summer of barbeques, nights out and garden parties, you may feel the effect of all the extra alcohol you’ve consumed taking its toll.

If you’ve been drinking a lot of alcohol, it can be a good idea to have a detox period to get your body back into its natural rhythms. This article will advise five ways to go alcohol-free to get your body back on track.

1 – Try Alcohol-Free Beer Alternatives

Beer is one of the most commonly consumed types of alcohol, and its easy drinking qualities make it an ideal drink to enjoy for both a night in and a night out. With IPAs, lagers, pale ales, stouts and more on the market, there’s something for everyone when it comes to beer.

If you love the taste of beer and don’t want to say goodbye just yet, never fear! There are lots of easy-to-find alcohol alternatives on the market to clench your thirst. Big brands such as Tennent’s have even started selling alcohol-free versions of their lagers!

There are many great alternatives with the same signature bitterness and flavours that great beers contain. It’s about finding a good alcohol-free beer that works for you and your tastes.

2 – Try Mocktails

If you’re more of a spirits drinker, a mocktail may be a good way to go!

Mocktails have come a long way in the last few years and even feature things such as alcohol-free gin and vodka with all the same botanical flavours you’d expect from the real thing. 

Due to the complex flavour combinations that go into cocktails, sometimes you can’t even taste the alcohol in the real thing – especially if fruity flavours or juices mask it. Mocktails can be recreated to taste exactly like the cocktails you know and love, sans the alcohol you’re trying to avoid.

3 – Alcohol-Free Weekdays

It can be hard to quit drinking immediately, especially if you’re a casual drinker. You will have to get used to things such as not having an alcoholic drink with a meal, which can be tricky if it has been a normal part of your lifestyle.

A good way to begin to go alcohol-free is to devise a plan. You could begin, for example, with trying a ‘no alcohol on weekdays’ rule and allowing yourself a few drinks at the weekend.

This way, you’ll be less tempted to cheat on your rule as you’ll know there’s a reward at the end of the tunnel. It can also teach you to enjoy and savour your drinks at the weekend, as they’ll feel more significant and special.

4 – Go Cold Turkey

If you’re not a casual drinker, this one could be the easiest way to reduce your alcohol intake. Many people will only drink socially and find that it’s not that hard to cut out alcohol and alcohol-tasting products. You may decide to have a soda like a diet cola when you’re out or stick with a glass of ice water. If the company is good enough, you’ll feel like you’re not missing out on anything good!

5 – Avoid Temptation

Avoiding temptation doesn’t mean cutting everyone out of your life and staying at home all the time – it just means you should do your best to avoid environments where you might be tempted to drink.

Instead of suggesting a bar or a pub to meet your friends at, you could try suggesting a coffee shop or restaurant where there’s less social pressure to drink, and you’re less likely to get swept up in it. 

You can also get rid of the alcohol in your house by giving it away to friends and family. Unfortunately, most food drives cannot accept donations of alcohol, as it’s a safety issue for those dealing with addiction. The best way to get rid of alcohol you don’t want is to give it to someone who can store it or will use it responsibly.

Remember To Be Kind To Yourself!

We hope that these five ways to go alcohol-free have been useful in giving you some ideas of how to look after yourself.

There are lots of reasons you may choose to go alcohol-free. For some people, it may just be during weekdays to balance out their body and help them feel sharper; for others, it may be a sober month’s challenge, and for others, it could be a permanent life change. Whatever your reasoning, be kind to yourself and take it slow and steady as you get into the groove of a new lifestyle.

Remember that if you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, you should go to a doctor for judgement-free advice and guidance on what you can do for a healthier body and mind.

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