Dubai is a well-liked option for those seeking outstanding employment prospects and decent living circumstances. Many foreigners relocate to Dubai in an effort to achieve their goals. In order to accommodate its expanding population, the expanding city is home to a variety of residential buildings. Renting a home in Dubai may be a difficult task with the number of flats and villas that are now available online, but with the help of real estate agents in Dubai, you will be able to realise your dream. If you’re wondering what paperwork is required in Dubai to rent a place, read on. We have your back. This comprehensive guide includes all the information you require, from the basic documentation required to arrange a lease contract to enrolling with Ejari and obtaining your DEWA utilities. 

What Paperwork Is Required in Dubai to Rent a Property?

To form a lease agreement with the landlord and/or real estate agent, the tenant must produce identification documents, including a copy of his passport, a valid residence visa, and an Emirates ID, as well as post-dated checks for the agreed-upon rent instalments. If you are looking for properties for sale in Dubai then the legal paperwork for that will have to follow a separate set of rules.

Legal Residency Permit

The Dubai government has stated that foreigners migrating to Dubai would require a residency status in order to rent a home. Different visas may be needed, depending on the nation from which you are travelling to Dubai. The reason you’re moving to Dubai may also affect your eligibility to apply for different types of visas. You should certainly obtain a visa before moving to Dubai to prevent any unanticipated problems that can slow you down.

Your Passport Copies

As per the Dubai Government’s directives, give your landlord a copy of your passport for their records. It’s a smart idea to bring your genuine passport in case your copy is rejected for any reason.

Your Salary Certificate or Employment Contract 

You will need to present proof of your employment status and financial stability in order to rent an apartment. Your employer should be able to give you a copy of your employment contract or wage certificate to help you find a lease.

A Current Bank Statement

You’ll need to demonstrate your ability to pay the rent once more. You should bring a bank statement in case there are any extra questions about your ability to pay. Despite the fact that housing costs in Dubai can be high, landlords will undoubtedly want to feel confident renting to you. Be prepared to pay any required deposits at the time you sign your lease, as well as maybe the first few months’ rent. Even when you are looking to buy a property bank statements are required for availing mortgage services in Dubai.

Certificat Ejari

An Ejari certificate is supplied to you, granting you access to the other services. By fully integrating rental agreements into the legal system and permitting straightforward contract amendment in the event of a dispute, the Ejari certificate fosters open and transparent communication between the landlord and the renter. Our guide to Ejari registration in Dubai contains further information about this.

Residence Permit

Some well-liked developments in Dubai require residents to obtain a move-in permit before moving into an apartment or villa. They are available on the developer’s website and typically take up to 5 days to process. Check with your landlord or real estate agent to see if this is required and submit your permit application as soon as you can to avoid any delays. A move-in permit is required for some complexes, including Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, The Springs, Arabian Ranches, The Meadows, Emirates Hills, and The Greens. Once you receive your move-in permission, you’re prepared to settle into your new home and start a new chapter of your life in Dubai!

Connection to DEWA

After submitting your rental agreement with Ejari, you must contact the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to switch on your electricity and water.

To accomplish this, you must bring the subsequent documentation to a service centre:

– Your property’s DEWA number on the side

– Your landlord’s passport copy

– Ejari ID number

– Evidence of having paid the security deposit

– Your Emirates ID and a copy of your passport

– The DEWA form

The online DEWA application is much quicker because you only need to fill out a form with your Ejari number, Emirates ID number, and passport number. The service will start 24 hours after registration and payment if you pay the deposit through DEWA’s online payment system.

Then, to rent a house, a refundable security deposit is needed. In Dubai, a residential villa costs AED 4,000 whereas an apartment costs AED 2000. Furthermore, depending on the size of the metre, there is an activation fee of AED 100 or 300. Invention, knowledge, and the registration process each require an additional AED 30.

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